Bitcoin: What it is, Why I use it, and Criticisms/Fears

Derrick Broze breaks down what exactly bitcoin is, how he came to use it, the drawbacks of bitcoin, and more. He also addresses common complaints or misconceptions about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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  • Freedom Fighter

    The current system based on trust is dying, a new system, a trustless system is needed.
    That’s p2p, blockchain, smart contracts & cryptos.
    It will become a point of access, what will they make us do in order to use this new found financial ecosystem?
    Your identity will need to be verified by AI every time you do a transaction, whether its p2p, smart contracts or buying lunch & guess what, a driver’s license or plastic card ain’t gonna cut it..
    You think you have no privacy now, just wait until your medication can notify your Dr on whether or not you took It When they told you to.. They will be able to force you to take whatever they want.
    Lynette Zang over @ ITM trading does some great work on all financial matters.

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