Beware Of “Conscious” Internet-Based Leaders Part 3


Category: Lenon Honor
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  • Why Knot_Now?

    +Lenon Honor Thank you so much for this! I love making my man a sandwich. The appreciation is an aphrodisiac. The so-called Conscious or Pro-Black community is so full of shit! Even the women hate other black women, and they do it for approval of black males who hate black women.

    Please offer your documentary on Amazon.

  • Goddess ZsaZaNaya

    Fleurbrun on YouTube also spoke about the racists and scam artists in the truth community and the UFO community. They dont tell the truth about the black galactic visitors.

  • Joseph Martinson

    So many of the big gurus and leaders, all sorts of them, have a criminal history. For example Jaggi Vasudev AKA Sadghuru. One commonality is that they all have or had or wish to have multiple women. 😀 It’s funny how Umar Johnson or Polight advocate for Polygamy, but only endorse Polygyny when talking about … Polygamy—LOL. There’s an easy solution to not fall into traps, and that is to not follow IDOLS.

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