Enki’s Luciferian Agenda, Non Soul Entities and the Extraterrestrial Role within this Simulation

Robert Stanley comes on the show to discuss his mind blowing research into the Simulation Theory! He starts off by explaining his outer body experience back in 1985 with Enki showing his presence. He goes on to explain how Enki was the creator of the simulation and gives us examples of how we can escape or disconnect from this matrix. He also explains the origins of Enki and the creators of the human race. He gave us his story of witnessing 3 golden disc shaped UFO’s over the ocean diving into the ocean and moments later they came out of the water. He called out for his dad and suddenly there was a flash of light and Enki was there with him during the sightings of these UFO’s. Later he discussed beings here on earth that have no souls. Towards the end of the show we tie in the Extraterrestrial angle with the simulation. He explains that they are aware of being in a simulation and the possibility that ET’s are watching over humanity within this matrix. He states that ET’s experience the same reincarnation cycle that us humans do. We also discussed the possibility of Alien Abductions and implants possibly being a way for certain individuals to upgrade there program within this simulation.

Other Talking Points…
-Outer body experiences
-Free will within the simulation
-Archons and Parasites
-Disconnecting from the Matrix
-Non Soul Entities
-Alien Abductions and Alien Implants
-the Extraterrestrial Angle within the simulation


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  • alan starkey

    About that electricity feeling.  I was stationed at Patrick AFB Florida that is part of Cocoa Beach.  The year was 1980 or 1981.  I had a tremendous lucid like dream where I was standing before an entity that was on a couch like object.  He (seemed like a male definitely) was dressed in a white robe as Mr. Stanley described Enki.  I could not see the face because it was emitting a brilliant light.  He also seemed to be very tall like 9 or 10 feet.  I stood before him for a brief time and then suddenly woke up.  I was what felt like electrified, my hairs on my head and body felt electrified and my body was energized.  That feeling gradually wore off after a couple hours.  I don’t recall if there was any communication but I feel there was a message which I haven’t been able to access.  Also, that is where I had two Deja vu dreams.  I dreamt something happening and then a couple of weeks later it happened exactly as it happened in my dreams.

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