Norse News – Episode 3 – Terrorizing the Swedes

The third episode of Norse News is fresh off the production line. In this show we give you an update you on the latest most important (and hilarious) stories from Sweden, the canary in the multicultural coalmine.

Stories covered this show:

1. Terror in Stockholm
Swedes conned with Love Manifestation

2. War on Swedes
The Message: Your country is lost

3. Sweden Crime Update
Web site shows gang rape is primarily foreign

4. Latest Insanity from Absurdistan
RFSL Release Brochure to Teach Immigrants Gay/Trans Sex

5. Our Viking Inheritance
Vikings almost forgotten in Sweden, Finds in Falkoping Gotaland proves this was a central hub of ancient Norse society for thousands of years.

Norse News is keeping an eye on the North. We give you the latest news and scandals from Scandinavia.

Norse News is a collaboration between Red Ice TV and Ingrid & Conrad.

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  • Zen Maintenance

    A “Love Manifestation” following Brutal ritualistic murders of children sounds very “Luciferian” to me….Just sayin…

  • CommonTwoCents

    Sweden is paying the moral price for collaboration with the Nazis. While the Finns fought the Russians and the Norwegians fought the Germans, Sweden kow-towed. She is now paying the price for that (Germany is paying a higher price, thank-you Merkel — for perpetrating Hitler’s War).

    How do you tell the Swedish flag from the other Scandinavian countries?
    It’s the one with the broad yellow stripe down its back.

  • Stephen Joplin

    The white people’s need to overthrow these governments now,I cry every time I think of that young deaf girl

  • m barnes

    Countries issue travel warnings to advise of unsafe situations so that we might make informed decisions regarding where/when we choose to travel. Inherent in these warnings is the notion that a government must act to keep citizens safe. In that vein, are not the governments who fail to warn women of sexual violence not only irresponsible, but through their silence and/or denial, complicit in these attacks?

  • Mo inmt

    Fantastic closing. Really made me emotional, and sad.
    Save Sweden and her people!
    Maybe you don’t get this news in Sweden, but the burials and dolemans you showed, are all over the NE US. It is said there are over a million miles of stone fence/walls there. They have been estimated at 2 to 3 thousand years old.All the rock structures you showed in this film, look very much like, if not exactly like what’s here in the US.
    Then, up the Mississippi river, into Illinois, a Viking ship was, found, as well as the remains of a Viking settlement, complete with the Aryan swastika. Rune stones are found all over our country. So when you hear horror stories about how Europeans genocided “native Americans” It’s rubbish! This was a land of European peoples dating back to between 20,000 and 50,000 years. We used to own this planet and be the largest population on earth. We are now 7%. We are, and have been genocided for thousands of years. The oldest bones found in America are pure European! Kennewick man 8 to 10 thousand years old in Washington state, is in my DNA linage.
    This is our last stand. We must survive and make a place for our children to survive.
    Did you know that there were obvious survivors from Europe as late as 150 years ago? Look up the Mandan Indians. Blond, blue eyed natives. We are the true natives of everywhere on this planet. 30 years of digging has more than proven this to me.
    One last detail here. I have had native American friends do their DNA, and they test almost pure European, some have Asian ad mixture. Hmmm, I wonder who took us out. Disease? Or some Asians who came here much later.
    We have the same problem here with our history being hidden, buried, through repatriation laws (criminal) and even taken out of the Smithsonian and dumped in the ocean to keep us from identifying with our ancestors, or feeling like we have a true home here,.We’re just supposed to feel guilty about everything and hate ourselves! Be ashamed of our incredible ancestry. I’m way over that shit! I know the truth!
    My daughter who a gave the gift of DNA testing to, is a true genius. After the results came back, she has traced my fathers linage to 450BC. We are now only 100 years shy of the oldest known family tree/bloodline, with Confucius being 550 BC I believe. This can be done by going to Universities world wide, and their DNA banks and matching your linage with their records.These records grow daily as bones are found and tested. This is how she found our common DNA with Kennewick man.
    She’s smarter than me, so I know it has taken around five years of hard work for her to document it all, and it is still growing as she works on it.
    Royal bloodlines help. So many records were kept throughout history on those bloodlines.
    I tell you this, so maybe, if everyone in Sweden starts doing this, you can’t be erased. I have never felt so much pride in my ancestors, and so rooted and connected in my life…because I’m American, and I didn’t know. I have ancestors who came here to avoid being killed, so dropped their royal titles to hide and blend in, and so…we were almost erased.

  • jon chip

    the whole of the middle east apart from Saudi Arabia and UAE population will be dumped into Europe this is the zionist plan so they can create the greater Israel project. this is just the start of it and how many people will say never we won’t let it happen well yes you will because white people are on the path of self destruction

  • Patricia R

    America was your policeman. You thought we were barbarians. Now the lovely young Swedish girl wanders down the dark alley and acts surprised when she is brutalized.

  • Patricia R

    America was your policeman. You thought we were barbarians. Now the lovely young Swedish girl wanders down the dark alley and acts surprised when she is brutalized. Sad.

  • paulbeckmann

    Watching Swedish television series you would never think that they had any immigrants or any problems at all. All their TV series are pure white. All of their MSM are indoctrination and lulling the Swedish population into false sense of security. PURE STASI

  • Joanne Gerber

    Actually, if immigrants see the LGBTQ pamphlets (1:00), they might be so offended that they’ll want to turn around and go home! This might be the answer! 🙂

  • Calvin Abbott

    Dar al-Hudna[edit]
    Dar al Hudna (Arabic: دار الهدنة‎‎ “house of calm”): The land of non-believers currently under a truce, which is a respite between wars. A truce is bought by tribute or agreement. If either the harbis break the conditions for the truce, or after ten years (whichever comes first), hostilities are resumed. Furthermore, only treaties that conform to Islamic prescriptions are valid; if these conditions are not fulfilled, the treaty is worthless.

  • Felix Krull

    I’m technically half French and half Danish, but for all practical purposes I’m 100% Danish – I even have blue eyes and the height to look down on most of my compatriots.

    But I still have a French name and I regularly get asked where I’m from. And I don’t say “I’m from Copenhagen”, because I’m not a snarky arsehole with a chip on my shoulder and I know what they mean when they ask. So I patiently explain my pedigree for the umpteenth time, because *people ask because they try to signal interest.*

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