The TRUTH About the US Government Implementing Net Neutrality

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  • dk keaux

    My opinion………Net Neutrality implemented during the obummer administration, HAS THAT MAN DONE ANYTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY?………… editorial

  • Bronzesnake

    I’m sorry but the idea that free market brings costs down is a misnomer. Anytime big biz corporate monsters have created ways to “save” money, it has saved THEM plenty of money, and the customers still paid the same prices for goods and services or even more, than prior to these “new money saving” ideas.

    We are so conditioned to believe there’s nothing we can do about it, that we don’t even recognize it when we’re being played like suckers.

    Take the price of gas for example.
    I’m old enough to remember full service gas stations. When you drove up to a pump, someone would come running, usually a young man, in the customary uniform with the police style cap and the ESSO patch on it.

    Before you knew it, he was filling the tank, had checked the oil stick, and was washing the windows! It was awesome! If your tire was low, they would be on it!

    Then the big “cost saving” scheme was implemented. The corporate oil giants announced their new plan to save YOU” money at the pumps!! That’s when the customer was told we were going to save money by pumping our own gas!
    They saved money by eliminating jobs, and services!

    But here’s the deal – there absolutely was a substantial reduction in their operating costs, but every last penny saved went straight into THEIR pockets! The customers US got bugger all!! As a matter of fact, once they realized how much more filthy lucre they were raking in they became drunk on the wine of their own ignorance, and smothered in the gravy of their own greed!!

    No “savings” ever get passed along to the small fish folks! I noticed that shit! There was eff all savings at the pump, and not too long after those cost cutting, job killing plans were implemented, the station marquees reflected the disgusting truth!
    Prices went up, up, up!!!

    This is status quo today folks. So you can talk about the free market all you want – the cold harsh reality is quite another story!
    Things which are theoretically “sound” never work out in reality, or practice because the one missing factor never considered when pontificating free market miracles is corporate greed!


  • Kevin Burkett

    just ask pragerU how they feel about “net neutrality”. i’ll admit, i almost bought into the anger of erasing it since most of the gaming channels on youtube fought so hard to keep it. that is, until i found out when this was even put in. i still remember priot 2015 when we didnt have adds every 5 seconds, where you could literally see information on anything without anything being not necessarily “blocked” but hidden and harder to find. even now looking at my “up next” list almost 70% of it is pro-liberal

  • Speckled Fox

    Love you all! Thank you for reporting in an understandable way, many are confused this think they lean against it unintentionally.

  • Anon

    Corporations are suppose to be driven by profits “give the people what they want” however billionaires have become so rich, they can afford to prop up media corporations even if they turn no or negative profit. Look at cnn and msnbc. Both have terrible viewership yet continue to run leftist propaganda that Americans don’t want to watch.

  • James Mayes

    If McDonald’s or YouTube doesn’t want to run adds before an AMTV video because they don’t agree with you politaclly, that is not censorship, that is the free market working. I just watched your video how is that censorship? YouTube is a private company if you don’t like what they are doing go to another platform or start your own?

  • mochaman11

    You clearly have no idea what what net neutrality means. Net Neutrality means you have to treat all content the same way. There is no free market when ISPs sue municipalities from creating their own broadband networks. There is no free network when there’s only one ISP in an area. BTW – I love how you left out how the FCC used thousands of fake comments to support getting rid of net neutrality.

  • BibleStudy888YT

    2nd vid I’ve seen on this subject. First was about throttling and made no sense. This one made perfect sense. Thank you.

  • YudazOwn

    “Net neutrality” = rule by stealth.. It’s a dictatorship.. But they get at the round table to figure out how to make it look put the smoke screen over an issue to attack your so called rights and free speech INDIRECTLY ..

  • Servicing IQ

    Net Neutrality is a play on words.
    When it was in play, to carry it out, they had to identify all circuits to even deploy such rules.
    Now they say they are not enforcing the rule, while the service process still exists.

    Meaning, Bitcoin, the shit house fly trap can be denied access.

    End of Line

  • electronicsNmore

    For years we heard how the US dollar isn’t backed by anything(fiat currency), and now with Bitcoin, what do we have? The exact same thing. Nothing backing it at all. Very high risk. A few years ago it was a good gamble for a couple hundred bucks, but $18,000 for something digital? LOL Ridiculous.

  • Dennis White

    For me personally before 2015 the internet was for watching music videos, funny bloopers, cute puppy videos and entertainment. Now I use it to flesh out the news and find answers to REAL problems in our country. Here’s the video that WOKE me. I watched it go from a monetized video to non monetized video. Then to being unable to find it on YT even if I searched for it by name (it no longer shows up). Want a wake up call? Hold my beer and watch THIS:

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