Beware Of “Conscious” Internet Leaders Part 5


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  • Sonow What

    Wow! Great job explaining David Icke’s Con Game. Agreed that a person of integrity would admit their shortcomings to their audience and acknowledge that they no longer believe or promote a concept that they once heavily trumpeted.
    And thank you so much for telling us about Anti Afro Svengalis YouTube channel and her in-depth, ongoing investigation of Umar Johnson. Her Umar chronicles are amazing.
    And terrific job explaining the difference between a con man vs a hustler. Your intellectual analysis is fire 🔥

  • Sonow What

    And the whole “self anointing” titles Umar gives himself are beyond ludicrous:
    King Kong Consciousness, Prince of Pan Africanism (POPA as in Big POPA like Biggie Smalls)
    The monikers are getting increasingly absurd.

  • infinitea

    what about 13signsastrology and da13thsun?? Do u know anything about them? I’m just wondering why they always appear to be running from the law if they have so much occult

  • The Change

    Love you sir but I have to question your motives for this now *5* part video series…you started out reaffirming that no one is perfect including yourself, but yet here you are critiquing other men’s imperpefections…but…you are imperfect yourself!? I’m questioning why you are “going at” men who have on the WHOLE raised standards in thousands of men and women. Yes they have their flaws (like you) and unappealing character traits but throwing the baby with the bath water maybe?

  • ara phat

    every channel i click is us versus us .. black man vs black woman .. daaaym!!!!!! can we focus on the real cause???????? cointelpro still runs deep into our circle .. we need to stop all this moist beahviour …

  • daveking777

    Would you class saneter tv a con man who exploits black people into funding his lifestyle ? More fool those people who support his bullshit

  • Butterfly Whispers

    ALL of it is fear-based. I think people are afraid to step into their own power; therefore, they’ll assume an outside “entity” that’s supposedly preventing them from progressing thru life…ie, reaching heights of greatness, creativity and genius, so they settle for safety…ie, mediocrity. Seems people are afraid of their own power — Afraid of greatness.
    When people or an individual feel disempowered they tend to seek power thru others, via cons, hustles, control, domination, abuse, and even death, ect.

  • Christina Haftman

    I urge anyone to study the profile of a NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH because I was unfamiliar with it until I realized that’s what my ex boyfriend was doing from behind keyboard on the internet, targeted me and conned me and using me and other females because his finances were in disarray. Never trust anyone from another state where you have no mutual friends. I have lost so so so much. There are social predators on all these platforms. You must be aware of the danger. One to one relationships. And one to many for those with a platform and following. Highly manipulative and deceptive.

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