The Real Truth About Trump’s Tax Reform!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Trump’s tax reform that just passed by the GOP Republicans, which signaled a Trump year end victory. With At&t announcing bonuses many are celebrating and some are not saying individual taxpayers will get screwed for the 1%.

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  • ChaosX

    The rich pay the most taxes in absolute dollar amount. By lowering their taxes, it causes them to declare more of their assets thus increasing the amount of taxes collected in absolute dollar amount in the long run. Especially pertinent when it comes to huge corporations. Trickle down is a red herring.

  • Michael Pecarich

    We don’t have to support corporations, by buying their products. If the corporations get a tax break ; that is neither good or bad.

  • NoMoreTribute 2Rome

    Okay it’s time to take to the streets and end this tyrannical bullshit. Lynch all these globalists in the street

  • Michael Johnson

    Gee whiz, I thought this tax bill would be different from ALL, I said ALL of the previous ones.
    Let me be clairvoyant and presume to surmise that since Gold Man Stacks has half of their people in the administration, that they will receive the majority of the benefits. The middle class will get what trickles down off of the toilets of the rich, if they are lucky.
    Do You feel lucky?
    Wait until Gold Man Stacks 100 trillion derivatives bubble bursts. Before they bury us, they will “bail us in” stealing the contents of our retirement accounts, bank accounts and security boxes.
    Check out the rules yourself. The laws are already in place to rob us and prevent us from taking our money out of the bank.
    It’s a Merrrry Christmas for the criminal globalist marxist luciferian banksters.

  • Punchy LightBeer

    See Styxhexenhammer666 for a much better summery of this tax plan.

    The lower income people by far benefit more as a percentage of their income. Everyone wins.

  • Orange Tang

    Smaller businesses gain from this tax reform meaning that more mom and pop shops can hire more people and raise wages. It’s not solely for multibillionaire companies. Trickle down theory is propaganda. Those same multibillionaire companies use that money to make investments within their own company for more jobs and higher wages which boosts the economy. It’s profitable for them to do so. Blowing profits on themselves as a bonus is a waste of money.

  • Alex B

    Let me just explain it to some of you idiots here. In sept of 2017, a person with $2000 in bitcoin would be looking at $11,000 dollars today. They made this money without creating a single job or hiring any employees.

    The same thing works for corporate American. They no longer need the US employee because they have the stock market. In one month they can see record profits using things like derivatives or stock buy backs. All without creating a single job or hiring any employees. This tax plan sucks. Just look at the IS curve and the Loanable funds graph.

    Also if your logic is we pay the highest corporate tax (which we don’t) than this tax bill can just be nullified simply by other countries just lowering there corporate tax rate by next year.

  • Jurij Popotnig

    Man stop using made up excuse words for capitalism. There is no such thing as crony capitalism! In free market capitalism there is no rule with who you make business with so crony is just a fucked up invention to make capitalism sound better. It’s fucking corruption in a western pseudo democratic but capitalist country that’s it. Stop using such nonsense words to get people confused what it’s really all about. You’ll never make your country function if you aren’t allowed to say what it is you capitalist American pussies. :)))

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