European Refugee Crisis – The Anatomy of a Coverup

The real story behind the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe is much stranger than fiction. Transcript and sources:

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  • Dydreth

    Your videos are quite thought provoking. However, the reverb on your voice
    is a bit distracting. Reverb works well on voices in music, especially live
    music, but it’s not quite as useful on pure vocal tracks such as narration.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Michal Dubský

    I really like the ,This is just a tip of the iceberg, want to see how deep
    the rabbit hole goes?, sentence. It goes way way deeper I´d say.

  • Lisa Pike

    The cleansing of the middle east is AGENDA 21 FIRST FAZE! and while we are
    distracted they are moving everything into place over here to do the same. 

    • Ansr Max

      They don’t need to create isia here. They have plenty of divisions among
      people. Kegs ready to implode with the next falseflag. If nothing works
      they can always arrest half the churchgoers under the noahide laws.

  • Schadenfreude

    There is no conspiracy. The simplest answer is usually the correct. The
    West is simply politically naïve. The politicians are socialist do gooders
    that think all men are equal, all cultures are equal. The Obama
    administration thinks that Muslims want democracy. They’re obviously wrong.
    Muslims want sharia law and the only thing preventing that is Arab secular
    dictatorship. Destroy these regimes and what happens ? Anarchy and Islamist

  • Richi Lekic

    You never really expose the truth and get to the bottom of it when you
    ignore that this is the work of Israel. Its an ethnic cleansing of Muslims
    to make way for the greater Israel.

  • GiantPotato

    You are woefully ignorant if you think these people being imported aren’t a
    threat and are just some kind of innocent and unfairly maligned people.
    They’re already kowtowing to these people and telling local women to cover
    up and not travel alone. We’ve already seen religiously-motivated attacks.
    I’ve even seen pictures of a group wearing orange workvests that read
    “Sharia Patrol.” You can only imagine what theyr’re up to.

    It’s already too late to prevent violence. The question becomes fight now,
    or fight later when demography makes the natives a minority in their own
    country. At the current rate these people are entering some of these
    countries, it will end up being soon. Very soon.

  • eamonnthegr8

    I like this channel because it’s no so much conspiracy stuff more fact, and
    if you say something it can be backed up, and not supplied by some secret
    contact in the CIA as some claim on there channels

  • Chris Munoz

    So what ever happened to the terrifying “Ebola Crisis” videos? That topic
    needs update. Either they were grossly and irresponsibly overstated, or
    this epidemic of unheard of proportions is being held astonishingly under
    wraps as the scientific community perpetrates mass conspiracy with official
    statements of a stop to the spread. Perhaps this needs to be addressed,
    whether with a recant or a doubling down, for many people to not lose a
    perception of credibility with Storm Clouds….

  • 911LookuptheLavonAffair

    This video is generally good, but it’s still disinfo… it doesn’t reveal
    the fact that the Israel lobby and wealthy Jewish donors are behind a lot
    of this stuff. It’s a scheme to weaken and topple Arab governments in the
    Middle East so that Israel can become a hegemonic power in the region and
    acquire more land and natural resources from its neighbors with less
    resistance and Jews can fulfill their dreams of a “Greater Israel.”

    This video peddles the argument that the foreign policies of Europe and the
    USA caused this problem, and therefore should pay for cleaning it up…
    when in reality, Europe and the USA are puppets of wealthy Zionist Jewish
    donors and their Israel lobby. Europe and the USA are victims in this whole
    situation… controlled by Zionist puppeteers and forced to engage in a
    foreign policy for the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia that harms our
    national interests. The real blame for the whole situation lies with the
    Israel lobby, the Saudis, and the Israelis… but how many African and
    Syrian refugees are Israel and Saudi Arabia taking in?

    ZERO! The burden will be pushed onto the innocent countries whose political
    systems have been corrupted by the influences of the Israel lobby, and the
    real puppeteers behind the curtain won’t be forced to pay for the problems
    they’ve caused the world.

  • Singularity Bound

    All that ammo and hardware that they kept trying to cover up; and getting
    the public to think it was conspiracy. Then it got taken seriously… They
    were questioned then by congress and REFUSED (!?) to answer lol. Literately!
    Then complete black out. Same time conveniently prism and all the other BS
    came out.. Also all now gone.
    This is how assimilation works dear public; weather you realize or not you
    have BEEN assimilated.
    They lit wave their hand ie and say, “these are not the droids you are
    looking for”. We don’t care..we do nothing.. and on they go. They are
    rewriting our destiny and purpose right under our feet in their image.

  • Zander Burke

    History repeats over and over, unchecked until Putin said enough. ISIS is
    the modern version of The Bay of Pigs “Freedom Fighters”. Hopefully, their
    efforts on behalf of America ; will end the same way. The fallout from that
    failed regime change almost led to the end of the world via nuclear war
    with Russia. Too many similarities to ignore. Pray to whatever or whoever
    you believe in, that this won’t be the end for all of us.

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