BREAKING: Jill Stein Exposed For Corruption With DNC

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Christina Tobin Founder and Chair at The Free and Equal Elections Foundation and former close friend of Jill Stein. In this video we go over just some of the latest breaking news that our investigative journalists found out of direct collusion with the DNC and this years election recount.

For more on Christina check out

Green Party Opposes Jill Stein’s Recount Effort — Including Her Own Campaign’s Senior Advisor

Gone Rogue? Jill Stein Hires DNC Lawyer For Michigan Recount Effort

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  • rosmer00

    She’s being extorted, no doubt in my mind.. they have something on her,
    what would that be no idea, but she did a full 180° turn with this.

  • Tahir Rana

    Jews lie the pretend to be Muslims or Christians so that they can stir the
    pot. They want war between both to make way for greater Israhell!

  • Reverend Fry

    The recount is a distraction from the spirit cooking black magic practicing
    pedophiles. #Pizzagate T Bean 66, let the purge begin.

  • Yikum24

    So what is the corruption? Jill’s choice in lawyer or her breaking step
    with the green party? Doesn’t make sense.

    Regardless of who would have won the presidency, in such an unsatisfying
    election, the one solace to be potentially had is the assurance that our
    voting integrity remains intact. I didn’t donate to see Hillary win.
    Personally I almost fully expect either Hillary or Donald to be impeached.
    I donated to let the state of our voting infrastructure be known and
    documented for debate in a time of uncertainty and corporate fascism.

    Good on Jill Stein pushing forward in states that show the highest
    indications of election fraud and voter suppression. That’s what is called
    “smart” you two.
    If you go to Democracy Now you can find videos of both Sanders and Jill
    Stein commenting on your other concerns. You’ll find them all addressed
    other than the lawyer she is working with, However, somehow i expect their
    is more than just the one working the case.


    Instead of calling Jill Stein corrupt…. Why don’t you report the real
    story? You know, the one where voting irregularities have been found in
    three swing States… You are usually dead on bro. But this time you have
    shit the bed!

  • codygillespie

    Everyone that has a big audience turns out to be a fraud. Looks to be that
    way with alt media as well, A Jones. Who knows even wrc might be a part of
    this fake psy op crap.

  • DynaCatlovesme

    This is stupid. This woman has no loyalty to anything, by her own
    admission, and just seems miffed that some guy doesn’t love her.

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