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  • soldiersunite B

    Chris I’m going to help out tomorrow.I agree ur censored.Your videos hardly
    show up in my feed and Im randomly unsubbed all the time.Its odd.I hope
    people will see it’s not fattening anyones wallet but helping us all get
    real news and get off censored platforms.

  • kiiper13

    I’ve being watching since almost the beginning, and although I was a bit to
    young to understand back then I really appreciate and believe in what your
    doing. Although I don’t agree with everything you say (might have something
    to do with me being Canadian) on the whole I have full faith in you and I
    think what your doing is vital to making a better world. I’ll definitely
    donate a second time and if I ever win the lottery I’ll be sure to help you
    out. Keep going strong.

  • David Burton

    Faith and hope may lead one far. Each of us has been given our tasks. Trump
    has been given his. You have been given yours. You’re doing it well, too.
    But I have also been given mine. I was given the task of a mentor to find
    and promote an alternative monetary system. Shortly after he passed, I came
    upon it and five years later, this is the result. I am VERY serious. Maybe
    even Trump will need this:
    Meanwhile I’m 65 and blind and living on fixed income, etc. Oh, and stay
    away from bitcoin, as it has been implicated in child trafficking and I
    don’t doubt much else. Plus, it’s far more expensive now to use than it was
    when it started. We know about the ads, and soon we would welcome them, but
    we may have to leave this too. Best

  • Dominic Compana

    Well I guess it’s time to cash in all those checks you got from Putin. Lol
    that’s right. Y’all don’t get any state funds like the puke stream media.
    Keep it up Chris. Ain’t no rest for the wicked but God guides the true of

  • christy contois

    I love what you do but you gotta stop making fun of people you going to
    stop saying face Croc you’re better than that keep doing what you’re doing
    and don’t go on rants it’s stupid it’s juvenile you’re better than that

  • James Mayes

    You need to be like your fake hero Donald j trump and “FIRE!!” your staff
    thata not producing the numbers….quit begging for money you welfare bitch

  • Rembrandt

    Next News Network aka Gary Franchi and Co. surpassed Fox News for the month
    of November.

    You’ll get there Christopher. Build your own reality.

    I repeat, be strong and brave! Don’t be afraid and don’t panic, for I, the
    LORD your God, am with you in all you do.” (Joshua 1:9)

    “by my (God’s) hand, the ancient libraries were burned, to draw man away
    from darkness”- OAHSPE

  • mario frias

    the problem chris s,is that 10 yrs ago yes not many channels like amtv,but
    now there is so many,and some im very surprised they have that many
    subscribers,you shoud of been at least 1 milllion by now 10yrs,which i dont
    get because you bring out very good content,so i guess people are very
    simple and thats why those channels are big

  • OutsideTheRopes

    You Chris are what i like to call a piece of shit! I mean look at you
    lol…You don’t think I see the slick shit your doing?

  • OutsideTheRopes

    You Chris are what i like to call a piece of shit! I mean look at you
    lol…You don’t think I see the slick shit your doing?

  • mario frias

    i truly beleive the jew owned media are so pissed as they spent alot on
    fraud voting,paid actors,lieing media,illegals voting and yes trump still
    won,and now they reliaze its because of channels like this,and thank god
    for channels lkethis,imagine,we woul never know the truth,we wouldnt even
    know the jews own 90 percent of the media

  • Candice Street

    WHAT??? Bill O’Riley is going to get away with stilling your tag line? You
    had a patent pending? NO If you’re crazy Christopher, so am I and millions
    of others. I’m behind you all the way my friend……

  • CCTS Tree Service. “Truth”

    Any body who has worked at Merril Lynch. Dam well knows. the first rule of
    Buisness. Is you pay YOURSELF FIRST. So i call bullshit there Chris. That
    being said i still believe in what your stand for so i think it wouldnt be
    unreasonable to see payroll and other expenses. If thats all legit and
    checks out. You will have my support.

  • Under PAR Records


  • Under PAR Records

    And Chris I find it odd you fail to mention or have a Solid topic on this
    Pizza gate scandal every other outlet has covered it!

  • monyou890

    You are a embodiment of the rising conciseness of the people. You use to
    work for ‘them’ now you warn about ‘them’. Thank you for putting your life
    on the line. Will support financially. You are not fake news.

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