Ingrid Carlqvist – Scandal in Sweden When Ingrid Questions the Unquestionable

Ingrid Carlqvist worked in mainstream media for many years, before starting Dispatch International with Lars Hedegaard in 2012. She has been a writer for Gatestone Institute and co-hosts the popular Swedish podcast, Ingrid & Conrad.

Ingrid returns to Red Ice to discuss her experience as a journalist telling unpopular truths in Sweden. To begin, she tells us about how she set out to understand why Sweden had become multicultural. Ingrid quickly realized that it is nearly impossible to discuss Jewish influence, as most people – even those critical of Islam – are unwilling to venture into such controversial waters. We then discuss Barbara Spectre, an influential American Jew in Sweden who has called for the end of European civilization through mass immigration from the third world. Later, we discuss Holocaust revisionism, and how Ingrid’s willingness to question – not deny – this historical event has affected her journalism career.

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  • Herr Wolf - Hey pyramid builder, it is I, Eminem.

    Boys and girls?

    Did you just assume our genders?

    And what about the non-binary Trans-racial ponies?

    And most important: Where is Lana?

    You do know we come here to see Lana, right?

  • orlared

    Love listening to Ingrid.
    How come she wasn’t infected with this mental disorder so many other Swedish people are (and especially women of her generation).
    How do we make more Ingrids?

  • Waterpenny1

    This is a truly shocking story. It It is an obvious outright attack on the country, on the Swedish people, and on Christianity. This Spectre woman and her organization should be brought up on charges in the Hague. This is an attempt at Genocide of an entire nation and its people.

  • cossenoide235

    The Jews are just like the HIV virus. They attack our national immune system to multiculturalize our countries and better suit themselves as an alien minority.

  • Kadmos Phoinikou Kanaanon

    AS the ethno-religious group of Jewry constitutes a dominant minority in the West, one that enjoys the most influence, privilege and security, they of course are not above criticism for promoting their own interest as the expense of ethnic Europeans. What we see here with the multicultural immigration invasion created by the globalist and Zionist factions that occupy so many of our Western capitals, is to a very large part a blatant act of anti-gentilism, that is, the discrimination against, prejudice or hostility to non-Jews by Semites.

  • नक्षत्रांचे देणे

    I remember reading about that Holocaust survivor in my English book. I thought it was true.. …

  • Mark James

    In other words, THEY are at the forefront of the GENOCIDE of you whites.

    The problem is large swathes of your populations have been brainwashed (frankfurt school, freudian, marxist-bolshevik style) via the media, education institutions, politics and various other ways.

  • jkirk1626

    Fact: Jewish Bolsheviks killed more Christians than German Socialists killed Jews. For Jews, “good” is what’s good for the Jews. Logic and consistency play no part. Note that it’s OK for Israel to be a Jewish-only Apartheid state. Jewish parasitism was recognized and addressed long before Jews at for in Europe.

  • Geremia

    If anti-swedish groups are telling you to stop stalking about how much you do not like multiculturalism. The best thing you can do is keep talking more and more about it. If you do stop talking about it that is not good.

  • Mark James

    If/when THEY are successful with your GENOCIDE, I have no doubt they will next proceed to North East Asia to do the same (the signs are already here).

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