Liberals Utterly Fail To Comprehend AltRight Counterculture

Lana responds to a New York Magazine article written by 18 lefties titled, “Beyond Alt The Extremely Reactionary, Burn-it-down Radical, Newfangled Far Right.”

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About The Author


  • Stand4 Liberty

    filthy traitorous, conspiring, JEW parasites. They are behind the forced multiculturalism agenda = White Genocide in European White Lands. Whites need to unite as one and really crush the Jews once and for all.

  • Jarl Borg

    Let’s face it, there can be no political solution and most Whites are so fluoridated that the future is nothing more than an abstract concept to them. So just prepare yourself for the Great European Race War of 2022 and get as many kills as you can on the way to Valhalla.

  • Twinruler334

    I wonder why I did not realize this before? The true reason “Americans” hate the Russians and Germans so very much, is simply because the Russian and Germans had much better looking military uniforms.  This was, especially true, during The Second World War, and is still true to this very day.For years, I thought that the reason the Anglo Saxon ruling class, in “America”, secretly feared that goods could be manufactured more cheaply and inexpensively in the Gulag and the Nazi Death Camps, than in their very own factories and sweatshops around the world.  I still think so, to this day.  Again, this could be another form of envy, on the part of the “Americans”.

  • 00Boogie

    The Left doesn’t understand reality, or even the most milquetoast conservative. Of course they stuggle to understand something fundamentally alien to them, despite how well travelled they claim to be gallavanting from one insular leftie enclave to another.

  • ElusiveCube

    Yes ,these invaders making our attraction not so attractive, they destroying out schools where the standards of educations have to be lowered just to keep this negro on par, our living standards, from art, to entertainers are all now just a degenerate disgusting  characters, we deed our OWN SPACE, our own country, we need to get read of this parasitic menace of the third world migrants.

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