2017 French Elections and Chaos Predictions

As Marine Le Pen faces off against Emmanuel Macron in the 2017 French Presidential election, 3 journalists give you their take on what’s happening on the ground and the likely outcome of the elections. Stay tuned for more election coverage as we are here on the ground reporting everything that is happening.

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About The Author


  • Dan

    All of these political labels are just plain stupid and meant to divide and conquer. Politics and the government interferes daily with the lives of innocent people and tries to push it’s own personal agendas on it’s communities. People are generally peaceful and positive and have potential but the governments are ruining this planet. There is a simple solution but no one wants to talk about it. Maybe we need a little anarchy in our lives. Controlled protests though. We need to stand up globally and make our points heard. Is anyone else tired of this nonsense?

  • redwhitedude

    The political landscape is polarizing, the right will drift further right, and the left will drift further to the left.

  • matute11

    I think Le pen will win..Same dance as Trump and Brexit….Maybe by design to bring the euro down. France whats butt fucked by refugee’s..Their bungs are quivering for the big one.They want to be slaves to the beast.

  • William Branstetter

    msm is pushing Macron he’s owned by Merkel & the rest of EU scum! I pray that Macron loses! It’s either Macron loses or France will lose!

  • gogo chi

    It’s funny that media says Macron is a centrist, he might be further on the right then Lepen … coming from private banks it’s not surprising

  • Gavin Powell

    i think its going to be close. you hear they have sent out half a million ballot papers to people that are abroad. so they can actually vote twice :/

    and since they are abroad, they will prolly vote macron :/

    and the gov of france and papers seem to be ok with half a million people ok to vote twice. wtf, talk about biased!

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