PRAISE GOD! What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

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  • Streets Rawest

    I really wish you hadn’t take taken down years worth of videos ! I have favorites I like to rewatch and share with people. The public videos you have up are mostly about bitcoin which most of us do not really care for, no disrespect

  • dartfroglover99

    Looks like Chris is homeless currently, my new years resolution will be not to bow down to satan through a currency that has no actual value

  • Macdog711

    My new years Resolution is to Boycott you and your Channel as you are a sell out to Bitcoin and you are selling Lucifer’s Currency!! #fakenews

  • operaknitter

    I remember the days of red-faced rants and hard-hitting and in your face screaming. You’ve matured and grown. Congratulations!

  • bigbangnone

    Hey Chris, did they ever round up all those USA Gov guys that you said planted the bombs at the Boston Marathon?
    Even though – Later the video clearly showed two Muslim Brothers planting the bombs?

  • Margo Miko

    My resolution is to be closer to Father Son and Holy Ghost. You are right the Journey is incredible but the destination is the prize. I’m excited my journey is almost over. Yet from my bed my time is spent in prayer now as my way to change the world. BTW I pray for AMTV and especially for you Chris. 😇

  • Karen Godin

    Don’t believe in making a Resolution once a year. I have ongoing goals that adjust as needed throughout the year.

    Sad to see you are charging big $$ for financial advice on Bitcoin .. Didn’t you claim several cautions regarding digital currency? Hey .. what happens when the lights go off? No more currency! Duh.

    Feels like your trying to use this channel for your own financial gain. I don’t believe I subscribed just to become a name on a list of possible financial brokerage clients.

    Although I respect others need for faith and a belief of a higher power, I don’t believe it should be overwhelming your site so that others who do not believe as you do feel uncomfortable and drop their support .. I’m about to follow. I didn’t subscribe for this.

    Where are your Videos? As a subscriber I expected to have access as stated on your website. Most of the best ones are gone. Also, if I had known you were going to take them down then I would have backed them up. There are times when I wish to go back and refresh my memory on a particular subject. Guess my subscription doesn’t get me much these days except another channel that limits what I am permitted to see.

  • John Muhic

    NO Offense bro…. but damn you’re all over the place…. Never try to be all things for all people… Focus cuz! Best to ya

  • fawakatube

    My New Years resolution is builing my Crypto Portfolio so I can reach $10 million! Yes I’m in it for the money 99%. Crypto isn’t going any where people so WAKE THE FUCK UP AND DON’T MISS OUT!! I wish AMTV the best in 2018 and beyond! Keep motivating the MASSES!! BLESS!!

  • In Mexico

    Christopher, thank you for all of the insight and inspiration you have given to my life in 2017. God bless you and your family, as well as your AMTV team for all you give. I have benefited tremendously. Much love to you and may the best of all things come to you in 2018. I placed my life in God’s hands this year also and my life will never be the same:-)

  • Rose Tandy

    I happen to like you. However…you are not of my generation. My New Years resolution is to guide my grandchildren the best I can in this tech world. What a mess its made among we humans. Developmental and physically…it’s paralyzed everyone. Including me. My history…my sense of teaching of history..and..the times we lived without this computer world….Im going to teach my grandchildren. I am the “REAL” history in the books.

  • BAK al-khateeb

    My new year resolution is that everyone gets more love, health and success:) and

    if you can subscribe to my channel for more entertainment! thank you

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