Nassim Haramein in Victoria BC Canada on the structure of space time

This is a clip from Modern Knowledge Tour Victoria stop August 2015. The whole event was professional recorded in HD in Toronto and can be found in full here:


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  • roxanneworld11

    somehow, after many years listening to nassim, i had not seen the overall
    geometry as *moving*..the angular momentum re: protons, etc., yes – but not
    the overall movement of the geometry/geometries (except for the
    merkaba)..amazing and often baby steps for me, the understanding..but oddly
    enough i did get the movement of lynnclaire dennis’ experience of “the
    pattern.” (i think there was probably an animation).. but i separated it
    all out in mind, i guess..would love to hear what nassim has to say about
    what she saw! even lynnclaire said the images rendered could not do it
    justice, so they only got close but never exact re: the details of it.

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