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  • Maria Ziemkiewicz

    Watching on firefox. First click disabled, reclicked and watching. Happy New Year and thank you for all the valuable insight.

  • Goldenfalseflags Goldenfalseflags

    Losing viewers fast pumping junk digital currency… Bitcoin at 21 million infinitely divisible. A SCAM … IF YOU DON’T HOLD IT YOU DON’T OWN IT!!!

  • owen prince

    How is this different than Bre-X?? Can’t something like this grow into a balloon and then bust? Governments can change any policy at any time that can trash or crash you. Do you know about what happened with Bre-X???

  • coolacadien

    What makes gold valuable is not only because its rare, but because of the hard labor and energy required to mine gold. Now I don’t think Bitcoin can have any value just because someone choose to have a maximum limit of imaginary crypto. Hey I created something imaginary and its gonna gain value, trust me. Send me all your cash. Remember one thing, “Look over here at Bitcoin, don’t look at gold.” Stay poor and stupid, Gold is only for the top of the pyramid.

  • Rich Dobbs

    I’ll repeat a comment that I made on another video. BitCoin is not fiat, it is credo. The valuation of BitCoin is based almost purely on speculation, not the utility it provides. Cryptocurrencies are not intrinsically scare relative to demand, since an arbitrary number of cryptocurrencies could be introduced. BitCoin gives some value as a provider of anonymous transactions, and protection from fiat currency inflation. But given the comparatively small number of transactions, and the huge price increase relative to premium fiat currencies, it is clear that the current price is not based on these tangible benefits. Instead, it is the greater fool motivation.

  • kpop

    bitcoin is an intelligence community ponzi scheme, $250B market cap and there’s nothing tangible. it requires new dupes to trade their money for bitcoins and the madoffs of bitcoin trade their computer code for your cash. the mainstream media is pumping this fraud almost as hard as josh pumps john sniesen off camera.

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