Central Banks Desperately Attempt To Create Their OWN Cryptocurrencies As Dollar CRASHES

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent attempts by central banks to create their own cryptocurrencies including the Federal Reserve with “Fedcoin” and the Bank of England with what we at WAM will from here on call “Britcoin”.
The funniest part is that they will fail much like Venezuela will fail with their petro coins. Cryptocurrencies are doing so well because people are flocking away from centrally planned currencies. All fiat currencies eventually revert to their intrinsic value of zero. They have since their inception in 1024 AD in China.
While the fundamentals are off the table in the monetary system due to the level of manipulation and we can’t put a date on the coming crash, we know it’s going to happen and this is a desperate attempt by central banks to keep people’s faith. It’s simply not going to work.
The global establishment wants to put forward a centrally planned cashless society through the IMF’s SDR as we’ve seen most notably in China, India and Sweden, but this attempt is losing valuable time as the Fed attempts to push interest rates up in order to drop them out at the inevitable fall, and in doing so thus far they will end up with negative interest rates.
So they’re offering gruel at the cafeteria while people are flocking to the 5 star meal. This is going to be to their detriment.
Individuals are intrinsically free and we will see people continue to flock to decentralized cryptocurrencies as well as gold and silver. The centrally planned systems will come crashing down as they should.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover these important issues.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Amogh G

    Badass. Your videos just keep getting better and you sound more confident with every one.

    Much respect from India – it would be a honour to meet with you guys and share a beer or a blunt with Josh and John in Canada, eh?

  • Cryptofutures

    Humans need to know everyone in their communities, no more mega cities, no more central banks. decentralize and communities should thrive on their own, protecting themselves. That’s the future.

  • Mr 760

    Guys. I watch you guys often. If we dont have contribution (tax) our civilization will crumble, roads, parks and the likes of…. However, TAX doesn’t need to be taxing, especially the many different taxes we have. I feel in the next 10 years we will live in Network regions where all taxes are fixed. This is a Large part of the reason I like to move to a tax heaven or lower tax country. Gov needs to come up with new, fair, tax laws and get rid of A LOT of stealth taxes. I feel Ripple may be centralized at this point and favor Banks, However, it’s fair to say at this point XRP is better than any Fiat. Banks hold coins they can’t print again so, kinda good. We use Cash, MC, AMEX, VISA and they’re all part of the same system that is. So, we’re boxed in. But that’s NO REASON to give up.


    you are right….so the only way bitcoin (cshless) can be stopped is if the power goes out, how could that be accomplished, hmmmm? (emp)…God bless…doug

  • Empress Theresa

    Do you really believe the Rothschild are gonna just give up like that? They have TOTAL CONTROL! (unfortunately) Bitcoin and other cryptos are nothing but a ruse to prepare people for the upcoming world cryptocurrency. Isn’t weird to you guys, that so far we have no idea who came up with Bitcoin? Probably because it was created by the world bakers?

  • Laura M

    Hi Guys I admire you , you can come to Europe as well you are welcome. I lived in Canada but it is too cold and soon it will be a cashless society. you’re great guys.

  • Erellip

    I’m afraid that 90% of the people in the world want the governments and banks to control the currencies.
    As long as there is no real depression and people have nothing to eat things won’t change.
    Only then will people probably realize that the banks and governments messed up big time.
    But until then the fast majority will never support an uncontrolled money system.
    The rush for crypto’s now is mostly for speculative reasons and not for the fact that people want to change the system.
    Talk to most people you know and ask them about the financial system.
    They have absolutely no clue, not even about the basics.
    Don’t make the mistake that everybody thinks like you.

  • Trev1183

    Some of us know that a lot of our financial jargon comes from Maritime Law. As soon as I heard of Ripple(like in a wave) I thought of that

  • havikshorst120


    With their worthless paper control over the precious metals market !!!!!


    Boe….utility settlement coin
    Ripple…bought it…i am rich…so who cares if its central.planned i will pay the tax. But cash is still king baby

  • xcor perpro

    Dear WAM, I love your enthusiasm for FREE CRYPTO ! GUESS WHAT, The banks (governments) set up all these ICOs AS BAIT to draw all you types into a system that they WILL HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER!!!! This is a beta test to see how it will function in the real world!! You say “they cant control cryptos”, yet you cant even keep advertisers on your posts!!! I can see the UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS IN THE BACKROUND.! They HAVE THE SWITCH TO SHUT IT DOWN WHEN THEY ARE READY!

  • Jeff Moore

    Great video guys, but not sure. It always takes them a few years to catch up before control is implemented but they always find a way. I think they will let the freedom cryptos run for a while until such a time as they have their DVLA, TAX, MEDICAL, EMPLOYMENT and ASSET databases up and running, then they will use international regulations to control crypto or they will try hard. Problems they will have though will be countries who circumvent their system because of sanctions such as Russia and Venezuela. They me be they Cryptos of choice if blockades come on the others.

  • SolarCasanova

    But the roads.. the heating and cooling units all supported by government systems. Who [will] control the maintenance and create new structures that people need to evolve. I feel like this idea of bitcoin is like following a cliff jumper without looking to see what’s on the bottom.

  • Enjoyed_Tek

    Hey guys , whats your take on the IRS trying to tax crypto trading? Do you think its going to come into canada where we would have to pay taxes if we cash out to CAD or even trading and swapping to other currency? How would they even know or even trace it? Most of it is anonymous!

  • David Chaney

    Cryptos are in a time warp. Government can’t do anything fast. By the time the central bank or treasury dept figures out how they are going to decide what the process will be, fiat currencies will be gone, and the world will be using cryptos. Even if they did develop a crypto currency, the central bank will destroy it trying to keep political allies loyal by printing to many coins.

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