Female Police Officer Brutally Attacked by Immigrants in France

Patrick Le Brun joins us to talk about the female police officer that was brutally attacked by African immigrants in a Paris suburb. In the wake of this the mainstream media in France have blamed the police, while the police have staged major demonstrations against the violence they experience. Some politicians have called these cowardly attacks a lynching.

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  • jessica d

    Disgusting negroids. Ruin everything everywhere. They need to be herded up and sent back to their “mother land” haha on mass produced ships.

  • megamus

    Take a look at the black communities in America and their total lack of morals and principles and you won’t be surprised at this.

  • LaserGuidedLoogie

    The women of Europe have voted, in the main, to bring these animals in, so to hell with them. Let them suffer the consequences.

  • Pepe TheFrog

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  • TheWeatyToo

    Shitskins invade white country and then complain there’s a lot of white people so they need to kill them. Who would have fucking thought?

  • Thea Isle

    Come join a server for Ethno-Nationalist women. I know we are out there and I want us to have a place to network and chat. Leave a comment if interested.

  • DutchManticore

    And Europeans are totally apathic by it.
    Im preparing to immigrate LEGALLY to the US because people there are actually willing to defend their country.

    Ive fought hard but Im one of the fee hosing water and the ship is sinking faster and faster.

    Cant wait te be an American and perform my patriotic first and second amendement duty.

  • pinam27

    French Police need LIVE ROUNDS on them, and bullet proof cars. My heart breaks for this officer. Once you shoot a couple of these assholes the others back the fuck up. Trust me, live rounds win every time.


    Swap western blacks for the white South Africans. And send all sand niggers back to the desert. Then hang our politicians. Problem solved

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