We Are Change Live Stream 01/03/18

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  • BiddieTube

    Post the livestream one hour ahead of start time so we get reasonable notice to attend.
    I hope to catch your livestreams, but may not catch without hour warning.
    I checked yt long ago for your chan, yes you have one, but no vids were posted for ages, or something, can’t remember. I would like if you posted all the vids / doccu’s you made or were in.
    Pedogate (pizzagate is just one spot) was going on since before you were borne. Long ago, two persons involved in the Chicago division talked in details about it and the world org. One was a victim, willing one, the other was an abuser, a massive proud bragger. Damn, did they tell a lot about it. I seen mothers bring their children in for abuse to one of the proud bragger’s apartments. The bragger was proud and told in detail how he got them to bring in their children. I had it basically figured out though before he even brought it up. It is a sad story, but many mothers, maybe even the majority would do the same,… willingly, no problem! Pedogate appears to have a chance at becoming aware to a lot of people in the near future, .. well, maybe I mean, a lot of people will quit denying it. Once Pedogate public awareness / acceptance goes into how hotels in all major cities around the world have rooms and floors just for this international pedo / Luciferian org, then you know the truth is out and unstoppable.

  • Nine Star

    Thanks Jason and happy new year! I would be honored if you did covered the california fires, the 100,00 people forced to evacuate, and just the general reasons as to why there has been next to no coverage on this historical blazefest.

  • Kiwihouse2005 B.

    Venus Project has nothing to do with Joseph. Joseph syole Jacque Frescos Resource Based Economics research. And Jeseph himself said he doesn’t believe that their exists a group of connected globalists who rule the world! Don’t trust Joseph.

  • Zie SpiralDown

    CERN scares me for sure… we don’t understand nearly enough about the fabric of the universe, our reality and how we perceive time/space to be smashing protons together to see what happens… BAD idea….

  • Miroslav Prica

    Excellent video. You got last year 17 mistake on wrc sign.

    This is good youtube channel and news coverage. Good channel for all Americans and people all over the world. Thecrowhouse is another excellent channel.

  • Kathryn Barbour

    Luke Budowski’s info about the Health & Human Svcs. dept. repealing its ban on funding research into making diseases more deadly has not as yet been covered by any other media I have seen. It was one of a plethora of administrative/regulatory/legislative/executive changes that flew under the radar over the holidays, as happens every year.

  • Gil Iglesias

    Forget Peter Joseph. I would love to see an interview with Roxanne Meadows from the Venus Project. There is rarely any coverage about the Venus project with good questions about their philosophy.

  • Prezli

    It states very clearly in the service contract that we agree 2 by signing that all info put in the device used for the service including a transcript of all conversations will be collected & used at the providers discretion

  • Frank Williams Jr.

    Good job bro! I love your view on a utopian society. It’s not possible because we’re all so different. My thoughts exactly

  • beritandjule

    I don’t think Peter Joseph is saying everyone should have the same car and same house. I don’t think he’s saying we will have a utopia. That’s an exaggeration.

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