The Gold & Silver Price Falls – What This Means For Sound Money

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent fall in the price of gold and silver and what has caused the dramatic drop.
Focusing on the gold-silver ratio, it certainly seems like a great time to buy silver and this drop is not an example of sound money proving to be a faulty form of insurance as this is something we’ve seen many times before, but it’s an example of the manipulation we’ve been reporting on for quite some time.
John Sneisen goes into how the slowdown in inflows of money going into the ETFs may be a large part of this development. It’s also interesting to point out that physical gold has gone up 9%. So people are definitely stocking up on gold on a vast scale.
On top of this, central banks have pulled in 76 tons of gold in the first quarter of 2017. Though this is a slower rate than the previous quarterly, it still shows how much buying there is. As John points out, there’s still more buying than there is selling.
The Brics countries appear to be the biggest buyers of gold and silver.
It’s important to not worry to much about the price due to the fact that the price is mostly based on the ETFs, which have substantially over leveraged between 300-500 times more contracts than there is actual physical metal. So if there was a run on the banks, only about 1 out of 300 would be able to get the physical metal itself.
Silver and gold has proven itself to preserve value over several millennia. While you can’t eat gold, it’s incredibly important in a crash scenario to ensure you’re able to take care of your family and protect them from many of the most dramatic side effects of an inflationary scenario or of course a depression.
The fall of fiat currency is inevitable, though fundamentals are off the table so an exact date can’t be placed, but we know it will happen which is why preparation is key to surviving it.

Fiat currency always reverts to its natural value of zero. Gold and silver have always held up in a crash.

Decentralizing is also and incredibly important way to survive a crash, such as blockchain. Bitcoin proves to be a great insurance as well, but the history books have noted the need for gold and silver.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Thore Stub Sneisen
Josh Sigurdson

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  • Joe Who

    ya but the government/bankers have to buy real bitcoin to sell bitcoin / NO DERIVATIVES involved like there is with gold and silver

  • Vention1MGTOW

    When the confidence in the conventional financial system collapses, sure gold and silver will do well but bitcoin will blast through the sky since it has a history of being more resistant to manipulation. It’s also more useful than metals since you can carry it with you securely but if you bring gold with you, anyone who’s bigger, better armed or catches you by surprise can take it.
    That said I also own silver. I started buying it in 2005.

  • David Webster

    I have a great question for you. What would happen if BitCoin was the main global currency. How much would a loaf of bread cost 1 year ago to now?

  • Old white guy

    Lmao. Ok I won’t whine anymore. There is a lot of sense to what you’re saying. Any gold will be better than no gold I admit.

  • Henry Bowman

    Josh, people who disagree with your message about precious metals don’t understand a couple things.
    1. it’s better than a bank savings account since it’s inconvenient to (withdraw) convert back to cash. All the while maintaining it’s value against the “dollar”.
    2. it’s insurance for your other investments tied to fiat paper money and the political economy. Hence the term “inflation hedge”
    In a casino economy, the house wins so hedge your bets when possible. Better to be a buyer than seller. Means you”re socking away funds for when you’re older and need them….and as Josh says, not at the mercy of government handouts.

    Bozeman or Bust!

  • pistooli1

    A bitcoin world is a cashless world…. I don’t know who invented bitcoin, I don’t think anyone does.   With nothing to hide why the secrecy ?

  • SuperHarryace

    Promoting this bit coin? So this is the movement it is nothing different then a bank or debit card. Pushing for cashless society. Why don’t you do a discussion on having chips implanted for individual trade, record and status. Total personal information, identification and trade. While back you had a video of korea threatening USA. Not supporting your mindset any longer and not waiting for more to come. Unsub

  • grE68

    Apple is worth $800 billion. And it will only be rising further with that fiat money become more worthless.

  • Daniel Jewell

    Mike is a legend, one of Robert kiosakis coaches want to understand money history he’s got it covered hidden secrets of money

  • Steel Briar

    You can’t eat gold or silver. It’s only worth something if there’s somebody out there willing to buy it.

  • geo tan

    Fiat money, gold, silver etc is not value. The only value that exists is WHAT HELPS YOU SURVIVE. Your home, food in the fridge, wood to built fire ith, land and animals. You cannot use gold, silver etc to survive.If society colapses and there is no food, nobody will give you a bag of beans for a bag of gold. Remember this.

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