Khalil Amani: Ex Yahweh Ben Yahweh Cult Member on Blacks for Trump


At the age of twenty, Khalil Amani joined a Black Hebrew Israelite sect in Miami, Florida. For five years he endured hell on earth-witnessing and having information about beatings, welfare scams, and murders.Left spiritually devastated, Khalil left the sect, living a very dysfunctional life-a decadent and promiscuous life-womanizing, drug dealing, exotic dancing-a life filled with lustful tales and shadowy characters-ever shaping his world.Khalil became the outspoken critic and number one disgruntled ex-member, recounting on TV and in the newspapers the horrors and atrocities committed by the Yahweh sect.After a trial, in which he was the first of 160 witnesses testifying against Yahweh ben Yahweh, Khalil entered the Federal Witness Security Program, where he gives us a detailed account of the inner-workings of the Program-from someone who’s actually been accepted into the government’s ultra-secretive identity make-over machine. This is one black man’s harrowing tale of survival in urban America-a brutally honest introspection on self, family, sex, race, religion. In the end there is redemption for all!-“The bravest man I know!”Sydney P. Freedberg-Pulitzer Prize Journalist and Author of Brother Love: Murder, Money, and a Messiah.


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