🎓Student of Bitcoin Crypto Academy Makes 9X His Money in 3-Weeks!

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  • Midas Haltzern

    This is bullshit. Bitcoin has lost steam and is now being eclipsed by others. It’s also hackable and government controlled regardless of what people say. Unsubscribed 🙂

  • David Bermudez

    I highly encourage to invest in penny or almost penny alt-cryptocurrencies and hold.

    Buy at least 10,000 or more!

    Such as DOGE, RDD, MOON among others.

    Wait for the price to explode remember in January 2017 XRP was @ 0.005 now it’s passed $3 that’s over 30,000%

    So those of us who bought 10,000 XRP @ $0.005 have over $13,000 now

    BTC will probably rise to $10 million in years to come

  • Just Something

    What a big liar you are.. trying to make money in this stupid channel, what happened to your God that you used to talk about him all the time,
    BTW your academy is stupid shit, you don’t know any thing about cryptocurrency you stupid shit.

  • Joshua Huihui

    This has a lot of EXAGGERATION in it. AMTV said to the guy “wow it’s amazing how you had ALL THIS SUCCESS!!!” Um, the guy said he invested $300 and got a 9x return but then he said the coin went down to 15 cents. So max he got was a $2,700 return maybe less. That is not VERY SUCCESSFUL. Its “eh” in the crypto space. Stop exaggerating. Yes, there is opportunity to make a lot of money but you don’t have to blow stories out of proportion just so you can sell your program.

  • Joaquin Ruby

    Bitcoin is an inflationary bubble that has collapsed over 4 thousand dollars in a few days. What is there to even be gained off of it anymore you scam artist?

  • Hard RIght

    All you need to know about bit coin is that its a huge bubble. If you got into it early on that you made some money. But if you’re thinking about purchasing Bitcoins now you’re an idiot. Its value is based on completely on speculation and greed. Bitcoin is definitely not a sound investment.

  • Merrell Acosta

    dude all your b.s info is available free on youtube. if you guys are interested in crypto check out people who know what they are doing look up supoman or data dash, crypto dayly, crypto bobby this guy is crock and will lose all of your money. fuck you chris

  • tim4962

    Buy Food, time is almost up. I won’t worship a coin. Hold onto your hat it it going to be one heck of a year. America is going down once we go to war with Iran, then america will be attack. It is in the bible, no joke. Yes I know some stuff and I do suggest that you get prepared. Pray for all those who believe and that many may still believe the almighty God. God Bless – Keep your coins. Save your soul. Trust in God and his son Jesus Christ. Pray pray and then pray. Its all so real. God Bless

  • Santana Binacci

    In this market any monkey can make money seriously you dont need a course to tell you what to buy just about everything is going double digits find coins in the $,00025 range buy $1000 worth and then all it needs to do is just take one of those zeros away, LOL

  • Louis C

    YES! Keep talking about crypto currency Chris. It will eventually become mainstream. And this way you can flush all the non supporters off your channel.

  • Cryptobradley200

    Did Paul know the Lord when he started on the road to damascus? NO he did no know shit but he thought he did…

  • Tyler01965

    Too many commenters with so much hatred and envy in their hearts bashing cryptocurrency when they know nothing about it. If you don’t like investing then you don’t need so spread all the hate. How about first research all the good things these various cryptocurrencies are trying to do, then if you still don’t like it then just dont hate on people that do.

  • Samual Whittemore

    That’s awesome!! I made over 100x in the past month on one crypto. 9x is really good for his total portfolio!

  • Galen Flynn

    Can you buy and sell on bittrex or Binance without having an account? Because they are both not accepting new accounts till further notice

  • Erik Anthony

    Crypto is no lie, but u don’t need a course in it to make money. Maybe you do of youd like to make tons of money though lol.

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    Crypto is the elites plan to screw you over REAL REAL HARD… sigh.. what if they EMP THE INTERNET and you bought into this UNDERCOVER banker fraud? HOW YOU GOING TO BUY BREAD? and then even to call it “CRYPTO” when ANY HACKER KNOWS the claim that crypto is “non-traceable” is A LIE. If you want to buy a little.. just for minor stuff.. fine.. but if you think you’re going to get rich off of this.. smh… you fools obviously don’t realize that if the STOCK MARKET is called “The Suckers Rally” .. what you think VIRTUAL MONEY is? Crypto Currency is NOT REAL MONEY. Here consider this… if you buy gold and silver currency.. no matter what you do to it.. no matter whether you melt it down.. or turn it into dust.. the point is .. IT STILL EXISTS IN THE UNIVERSE.. you can’t get rid of gold and silver and other precious metals.. it WILL ALWAYS be there as ‘physical matter’.. but if you go put all your eggs in CryptoCurrency … and then unforeseen things occur.. POOF! you have NOTHING not just because it’s already VIRTUAL, but PHYSICALLY you never had anything to begin with! My goodness! You people should visit WWW . BITRAPED . COM or by all means.. set yourself up for a very hard fall. You crypto currency supporters don’t get it.. if you BEGIN to accept crypto currency.. YOU ARE THEN HELPING THE ELITE MOVE MANKIND TO THE NEXT STAGE OF ULTIMATE SLAVERY THEY HAVE IN THE PLANS FROM SO LONG AGO! Did you FORGET how NICK ROCKEFELLER told AARON RUSSO that the ENDGAME is to GET YOU ALL CHIPPED and then PUT THE MONEY ON THE CHIP and ASK YOURSELF YOU SO CALLED ‘FINANCIAL INTELLIGENT FOLKS’.. ASK YOURSELF.. HOW DO YOU PUT MONEY ON A CHIP? *VIA DIGITAL CURRENCY!!!! A.K.A. “CRYPTO” MONEY!!!!” .. MAN! WAKE UP YOU FOOLS! because by promoting DIGITAL CURRENCY, YOU ARE HELPING THE ELITE INDIRECTLY get people MORE USED to the idea of using VIRTUAL currency so that when enough people are using it and having put their REAL PHYSICAL currency into VIRTUAL “CURRENCY” … all the elite have to do is SHUT OFF THE ELECTRICITY AND WHERE IS YOUR ‘MONEY’ NOW EH YOU ULTRACREPIDARIANISTS? YOU GOT RAPED TO KINGDOM COME! WAKE UP!

  • Bob Hall

    Crypto is the currency of the beast system. I don’t care if your return is one million percent. Your advice will send people to hell.

  • WickedDealer

    Cryptocurrency is one thing, the modern day Paper Millionaires. Just look into Agenda 21 and you’ll understand the real truth of the non-existent, Ponzi Scheme that is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Joran Jackson

    To bad to see you sold your heart to the devil…Just come back to god..Hopely you dont destroy to many families..

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