2018 Shaping Up Big For Precious Metals And Cryptocurrencies!

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As tensions continue to rise in places like Iran and North Korea more and more people are moving their assets out of the banks and into safer havens such as gold and silver. With today’s prices seriously undervalued to say it’s a great time to buy is a major understatement! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Tim Warman of Fiore Gold about how these various geopolitical situations effect the price of gold and more importantly how you can better position yourself to be fully protected in the face of a dollar crash or worse.

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  • Greg Pek

    I can’t say much about gold, but people should be extremely careful about putting too much money into crypto currencies. I have looked at these and frankly I don’t get it. It seems a bit like a cross between the tulip bulb craze from hundreds of years ago and penny stocks from long ago wild west stock exchanges.

    Personally I would look for undervalued dividend yielding companies and real estate with upside potential or rental income. There is a massive built-in inflation that is driven by global government deficits. Those deficits need to be covered by printing more money and this is what we will be living with for a few generations. That means any currency is going to go down in real value. We don’t see it because we always refer to exchange rates with other currencies whose governments are also running deficits. Just logic.

    Real estate has been a solid long term performer as long as you don’t buy it for a short term flip or in the height of a market.

    These two guys know very little. Though crypto currency discussion is a little ok. There is no real liquidity, but even if there was short term liquidity, bitcoin/crypto currencies have no underlying value whatsoever.

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