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  • BiddieTube

    This is great. I just checked out the first one, edx, and yes, you can learn for free.
    We absolutely have no choice but to create and set up some kind of an education system for our children. The current system does not teach them much of anything. One big issue doing this, I am sure, by law, the kids will have to pass a certain amount of government tests each year. And so, part of the time, especially when those tests must take place, must be spent on getting them to pass those tests. The rest of the time can be spent on educating the children. If this is set up properly, the children would likely only need to put in a couple hours a day or so. Most kids can learn at a extremely far faster rate than government schools teach. The government schools are basically jails and the kids know it and are completely bored to death constantly repeating the same things over and over again, and never applying those things, and so they for most part do not learn anything.
    I have some teaching experience, and in that position, I could get the students to learn fast if I desired. Well, that is how I proved to myself that traditional schools suck, they are jails, and that people can learn far faster, enjoy learning (I was a total goof off) and they learned it well. In fact, they were learning faster than I even conceived, and because I and they were having such a good time, I slowed down the learning pace. This was not an issue for those above me though, they did not know I slowed down the pace, they just loved that I was able to teach people real fast and well.
    I miss teaching, would never expect a similar situation to come up again. I am my own boss now, and that is what I had planned to do. I would love to teach again though, but only for a system that is created by good people to give a REAL education to people who are serious about creating a new alternative life for those awake people who care.

  • WCAMStudios

    It’s always a treat when regan makes a vid. Right on. Don’t discount the value of learning jiujitsu.

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