David Dees – Trump in Bed with the Globalist New World Order

David Dees began his career as a commercial artist in the early 80s and has produced advertising illustration for Paramount Studios, Hanna Barbera, and Disney Home Video, along with cartooning and children’s book illustration for Sesame Street magazine, Family Home Entertainment, and TIME Magazine for Kids. In 2003, when Dees became fully awake to the New World Order Zionist agenda, he began fighting back with his own brand of activist political artwork and social commentary, with nearly 600 hard hitting and comical art pieces. David also designs and illustrates covers for authors of health, political, fiction and non-fiction books.

David returns to Red Ice for a discussion on his work, current events, and the overall state of the world. We first discuss Trump’s presidency, and consider the possibility that he was a puppet for the elite all along. This leads to a discussion on Israel and foreign policy, with David reminding us that Trump campaigned as an anti-war candidate, but proceeded to bomb Syria after taking office. We discuss North Korea, and consider whether this Asian country has been unfairly maligned by our establishment media. The first hour also touches on David’s work, censorship, and Sweden.

In the members’ hour, we switch gears to discuss other pertinent issues. We ponder the future police robots, which David argues will be used by the elite against the masses. We discuss virtual reality, sex robots, and how technology is being used to cater to man’s base desires. This leads to a discussion on health and nutrition. David makes a case for vegetarianism, citing ethical and health concerns. Henrik, however, remains unconvinced, and argues for a paleo diet. The members’ hour concludes with a discussion modern society’s obsession with transgenderism.

Guest Website: http://ddees.com/

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  • Tamas Mihaly

    Trying to stay objective, but lost me with the Illuminati shit. It’s just hungry vampires all around. The innocent are the rarity now.

  • iHateMainStream.com

    REDICE CENSORING GUESTS NOW? WHY CAN T YOU TALK ABOUT FLAT EARTH? cowards..afraid you will get some unsubs..

  • John Red

    Conspiracy stuff is fine, but get Alex Jones on, not some crazy guy who thinks that Trump painted his face orange to signal to the ”Freemasons” that he is one of them.
    Guy is batshit insane, and what’s funny is that Trump never had an orange face. There is not a single picture that isn’t photoshopped that shows him with an orange face.

    Anyone who talks about Freemasons is badshit insane and completely wrong. It’s the jews. These people just don’t want to appear ”racist”, so they blame the nonexistant Freemasons.


    right string puppet

    that’s your choice

    you vote for which string controls the puppet


  • Yngvi Freyr

    lol all salty Trump cultists in the comment section,Seriously what do You expect to happen in one of the most zionist controlled country in the world?


    “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” -James Madison



  • A Sinner

    Yes, Trump is a Zionist/Commie Jew puppet actor, and likely blackmailed. There will be NO wall; that was just another false campaign promise to reel in White, Christian, and Conservative support to their guards down in terms of how treasonous, and deceptive the US government(ZOG) really is. In truth, the Kalergi Plot for White Genocide will progress as planned, but they’ll try to obscure this from the public some way through some kind of charade.

     These Zionist (((psychopaths))) in power always exploit our emotions and sense of morality via the media through gas-lighting and manipulation, but themselves completely lack moral ethics for their goals are self-serving, diabolical, two-faced, callous, and usurious. In their eyes, the Non-Jewish citizens are the subhuman Cattle/Goyim (who can be lied to, stolen from, and even killed without conscience), the politicians and ‘authorities’ are the puppet actors to mislead the Goyim, and the Jews are the manipulators that scam us all behind the scenes through various psyops, but publically posture themselves simultaneously as victims, and just smarter than everyone else, which is supposed to explain why they’re successful (when in truth, they’re part of a Cult-like Tribal Jewish organized criminal network that operates via deception, coercion, tyranny, scheming, undermining the opponent, and basically being wicked against all conscience; meanwhile, average IQs in Israel are 95. ).

    And yes, the Earth is Flat; it is a plane. The Globe is a psyop. Research it. Water doesn’t curves, nor does Polaris change its position. Science has been polluted with agenda-driven lies posing as truth. That’s what happens when our (((leaders))) lack morals.

    And yes, something strange about Trump, and his family in terms of transgenderism; very suspect. Several trannies in that family. Just look at their strange proportions.

    Btw, I was talking to a Jewish friend recently who told me the Jews are getting ready for a mass extinction of like 90% of our plane. He implied this was prophecy. Could the Jews in the near future manufacture this extinction through mass genocide? I think so. They have no regard or respect for the lives of Goyim after all. Just read their Talmud if you don’t believe that.

  • Richard Wilson

    The problem lies mostly in his red-pilled support base, who were expecting a knight in shining armor to ride in and fix all the problems that this enlightened demographic has identified. Trump is NOT a martyr; he’s a businessman. And he was never really pushing the alt-right message, rather more of a traditional conservative message. The ties to Israel were apparent from day one, and he never hid that. No he was proud of that!

    Also, the President is not the most powerful entity in the US government complex. The National Security Military Industrial Complex is. This entity needs to maintain the facade of a democratically run process in government, so Trump has a bit of room to make some deals, but make no mistakes, he can not overpower them. The best he can hope for is to cut a deal.
    And as long as he keeps the monster war machine rolling, he can get away with his domestic agenda to MAGA. He is probably dealing behind the scenes so as little collateral damage ensues. He might even be able to redirect the military towards benevolent purposes, if he can find the key players involved.

    All this was foreseeable months before his election. People just imagined him into some truth warrior. He’s not that. But he is far better than we ever could have hoped for. Even despite his allegiance to Israel, and his modest stature in the shadow of the Globalist Black Pyramid, he is still doing a hell of a good job in fulfilling his campaign promises and making America more prosperous.

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