Debate: Do Elections Change Anything?


The BFP/Newsbud roundtable takes on the 2016 election. Can elections ever change the system? Does voting the lesser evil result in less evil? If voting isn’t the answer, what is? Join Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins, Broc West and James Corbett for this heated discussion on strategy, tactics and ideals.


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  • MaxOneMedia

    WTF? Bernie Sanders is a crazy old Communist. I could not listen to this
    stupidity. The last time I checked Stalin and his Jewish Communist Nuts
    were the biggest mass murderers in human history! In modern times we have
    Satanic Zionists trying to catch up. Bernie Sanders is a Zionist and a
    Communist and needs to be treated as a criminal because he voted for
    funding of all the Zionist wars. Sanders supports mass murdering Israel. So
    if Sanders ran on a third party ticket we would of 3 Zionist Puppets
    running instead of 2.

  • Neil Maison

    I think our digital banking / stock market system will crash at the end of
    the third quarter all this social justice warrior BS is just a distraction
    . and Trump who really isn’t a Republican and Sanders really who really
    isn’t a Democrat will come together and pull us out of the two party system
    and hopefully restore the republic

  • Luke Marshall

    Peter B Collins talked about the raise of the minimum wage to $15 like it
    was a good thing. If you think that Sanders is anti-establishment or that
    he would help to dismantle the system you need to reevaluate your beliefs.
    I feel like Sibel, Brock, and James are really the only ones adding
    something of value to the debate. In my opinion James was right on the
    money as usual. Government is synonymous with force and coercion. How do
    you expect to get rid of violence if you play within a system that is
    inherently violent?

  • taburdine1

    This is the same reason why I don’t vote.The system is full of shit they
    could careless about its people. Because every time you vote someone dies.

  • 49Falcon

    The two party corruption reaches all the way down into local
    government….The R/D’s control State gov which controls the local gov.
    Yes, occasionally someone slips through the cracks…but, they are either
    corrupted or made ineffective by the bureaucracy and corrupt apparatus.
    Significant obstacles are in place that prevent any other party or truly
    independent from successfully being elected. Just the hurtle of getting on
    the ballot in all the States is to big to overcome for independents and
    nearly impossible for most third party candidates. Peter is where I was 20
    years ago…thinking I can work within the system to effect the
    change…when in fact, our system is now structured to prevent that from
    happening. Any real grass roots movement is either, laugh at and belittled
    by the MSM, demonized and called extremist, or usurped taken over and used.
    It appears to me that Peter wants to use government to force his values on
    others….so he seems to be just another side of the coin that initiates
    force on others..that is why he is working within the system, because he
    needs the full force of the system to remain intact.


    You mean the #Bilderberg, shit stained, two party false paradigm for the
    corporate oligarchy?
    Looks to me like the people ought to opt-out entirely and start a whole new
    process. It would be preferable if the people realized they didn’t need
    government at all, but if not, they could always establish a Constitutional
    minarchy to replace the illusory and deceptive corporate oligarchy. Think
    and work outside the box, so to speak. Throw off abusive government and
    establish new guards, per the Declaration of Independence. We already have
    the answer.

  • 49Falcon

    It will not work on the local area…because the local government must
    implement and respond to State and Federal policy and laws. Local
    governments are corrupted and controlled by $$s from the State and Fed. If
    they do not follow State and Fed direction they are threatened with the
    lose of funding…which the plan into their budgets.

  • Saintly Oswald

    Already at 5:50 they are disappearing up their own. The fundamental problem
    is human nature, not “government,” which is what we will have whatever we
    do. There is no “solving” the problem, only trying to mange it. If the
    people generally are to benefit, this necessitates “big” government,
    because the people need organized representation to protect them from big
    non-government. There are problems with government, and we are seeing that
    clearly, but if there is any hope, and there may not be, it lies in having
    a good big government, because without big government you will get big
    tyrants who don’t bother to ask for your votes. In fact, the problem with
    big government is that these big tyrants take control of it. But without
    government, they will take direct control.

  • suckers0

    If I recall correctly, the two largest lobbying groups in USA are AARP
    (retired persons) and AIPAC (pro-Israel/jews), so not sure how Bernie
    Sanders (a 74 year old Jew) would provide anything but more of the same
    failed policies. A real ‘independent’ (e.g. a younger Ron Paul?) would be
    great to see.

  • Stan Dalby

    How the cabal got away with thieving trillions from the pentagon I don’t
    know , it’s obvious where the money as gone & this evil cabal need to face
    war crime & crimes against humanity charges

  • 1Auffe12

    Whats the B. in Peter B. Collins? Bimbo?
    How is this useful idiot contributing to the debate?
    What a cunt…

  • David Ozlo

    We are the teachers and every 4 years we must go through this process.
    Anytime you want out you can go.

  • barkingbandicoot

    So this is supposed to be a ‘Debate: Do Elections Change Anything?’but if
    you take out all the talk about how you respect each other, you have
    alternative ideas, independent media, etc, etc how much of the topic do you
    actually address here?I think you are best to actually do your own spiel or
    interview someone James! Way too much gristle to chew through to get a bit
    of meat from this news nugget.

  • tommystock64

    I look forward to the election day when nobody shows up to vote .
    How would the M.S.M. explain that ?
    Continue telling whatever lies they feel like I’m sure .

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