Politics is Fake and Staged

SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=19321

Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. And only the flag-waving, dumbed down masses could believe them. Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be: “Who is writing their speeches? And who is pulling their strings?” This is a public service announcement from The Corbett Report.


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  • ArcesitorGmail

    So we continue to accept these memes of times past and future. Our culture
    purposely producing lemmings with short term memories, unable to measure
    our past to form our future. While those of us who can see are too few in
    number to affect. The pendulum continues to swing from one extreme to
    another while growing numbers meet in the middle slowing the cadence of
    insanity, bringing calm and love and piece and harmony back to humanity.
    Meet in the middle.

  • Titus Frost

    Lolz as someone who lives in MA, i saw the Deval Patrick campaign in 2006,
    when Barack was chosen to be the next president by Bilderberg. Then in 2008
    I saw the same campaign Deval Patrick had run, same words, same lies, being
    pushed by Barack Obama. When the bankers run both sides, both sides will
    push the same lies.

  • Yunos

    Hahahahahaha…….haaaahaaaahaaaa……OMG…… If it wasn’t that serious
    and if there wasn’t such a lack of creativity, I would really laugh myself
    almost to death. Thanks for clearing that up. With love from Holland

  • Mindcrime1994

    Yep and Just Like a Pokemon Go Game, Look at the Idiot Zombies Flock to It.
    Literally Millions of Suckers, and Another Born Every Minute.

  • shubus

    Speaking of issues of IMPORTANCE, I’d be much more concerned about all
    those nukes in Turkey which is a NATO member yet about to become a radical
    Islamic state.

  • LeCrazyCanuckEh

    Politics is Fake and Staged.. It will ALWAYS be the case as long as
    Government remains CENTRAL BANK employees…

  • Bob Taylor Garcia

    Don’t understatement the power of cognitive dissonance. We are all born
    with a super talent called, intuition. Unfortunately the forces of
    propaganda are much greater. And the distractions keep us ignorant. In
    another words, we are fucked at the end….. My solution? PRINT YOUR OWN
    You want change? Start with how you trade or buy what you need. With the
    outmost respect to all of you………

  • ctwatcher

    Most are nothing but lying thieves. Knock it back down to being so small we
    don’t have to listen to their lies. Anyone in need of a big govt. nanny,
    pick another country.

  • Joshua Knaack

    Brilliant and incisive as always. The brevity of this piece makes it a
    great tool for demonstrating the point to the uninitiated.

    thanks James

  • EroomYrrah

    Australia and Canada word for word…third dogs on the sled…running side
    by each across the thin ice.

  • not2tees

    I have now graduated from the thrilling sexagenarian years into the
    septu-type years, so I have been brainwashed quite thoroughly for so long,
    there may be little hope . . . but, I do watch The Corbett Report. Ta-Dah!

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