The REAL Reason Trump Fired Comey (Worse Than You Think)

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  • aeoncrux

    Trump came back from that island he went to Once and banned Epstein from all his properties. Stephan Hawkings went there too and I doubt it was to pedolove. this video is garbage

  • montanasbigsky

    Trump was groomed for the Presidency long ago. He is no better than the rest of them and as I said before the election, “The elite are in charge and they will not let someone become President unless they are one of their own.” That is exactly what happened. The whole election was a dog and pony show to convince the masses that Trump was the Man.
    Yes Hillary was in on it and the whole thing was a staged act. I was even fooled to a degree and voted for Trump because I did not what Hillary in there and that ploy was exactly their plan.

    Great video. Great analogy.

  • Lou Kout

    WTF?! Where in hell did you get your “information” from you Liberal fucktard?!
    Storm Clouds… you used to be a Libertarian not a fucking left wing conspiracy loon! WTF happened to you?
    Trump is far from perfect but suggesting he is a pedo like the Clinton’s is as far out there as the crazy ass Russian bullshit!
    I will not even finish watching this shit video and I am unsubscribing from you indefinitely as is my spouse and all of our friends that were fans of yours as well! I haven’t seen a single video from you in many months and this is the kind of batshit crazy stuff you’re putting out now?

  • TheKnowerseeker

    “Trump is evil.” “Hillary is evil.” — OK, so, who should we have voted for then? I supported Cruz. Is he evil too?

  • ladamyre1

    There’s a HUGE flaw in your reasoning. IF, as you allege, Comey has damaging evidence of pedophilia on Trump, then Trump firing him would be the trigger for Comey to dump that evidence to the media. Having such evidence doesn’t make one of these elite a liability. It makes them invulnerable and they get to write their own ticket.

    Nice try. I’m sure every Trump hater will ignore that point, because, like you, they want to go with your narrative; that Trump’s a pedophile, raped a child along with Epstein, yada yada. *What you’re doing is right from “Liars Handbook”, chapter five, “Accuse your enemy of the crimes you are guilty of. That way it makes it hard for him to accuse you of your crimes because people will think he’s making it up.”*

    What this tells me is that the indictments you guys have been dreading are coming. Indictments on the Podesta brothers, the Clintons and every other traitor to our country who has been following the orders of the Global Elite who have been holding evidence of these pedophiles as blackmail to make them betray our country, and humanity in general.

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has the evidence now. That’s why you guys fought so hard to keep him from becoming AG. I can hear the gurgling of a drain emptying a huge swamp filled with pedophiles and child killers now.

  • Zombie Killer

    Trump has zero connection to the Lolita Express. Clinton does; he’s been on the plane multiple times. Big difference.

  • Kerry F

    can’t quite get on the bandwagon of an ex-reality show host as a war monger …he has no history of verbally supporting war so why jump to this conclusion? He may well be a puppet but if so he is definitely the hardest to control puppet your deep state has ever had.

    If you look carefully at his foreign policy, he makes one set of statements to the Amercian people and your corrupt media who need to hear that the US is always at war defending your freedoms, and he does a whole different thing on the world stage. The net result of his foreign policy so far is to frustrate and subvert your own deep state.

    I find it fascinating how he has everyone’s knickers in a knot.

  • James Jones

    Not enough proof in this video and Trump has shown time and time again he is not predictable. It may be right, it may be wrong but as of right now I’m not seeing it.

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