People-Powered Solutions to Start the New Year – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Vermont Poised to Enact Legal Pot Through Legislature

Paraguay Legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal, Scientific Use

Story #2: Kraft/Heinz Net Income Fell 24 Percent

Story #3: DIY Powerwalls Using Recycled Laptop Batteries Powering Homes

The Brain Chip Cometh

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Growing New Ways To Win

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  • Kazmology

    One of the best lines from this show was “Pigs fly and the DoD gets audited” lol. Still makes me laugh. Jeff Sessions is a douche that needs to go. Great show guys!

  • ProthoPectore

    cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis. cannabis.

    marijuana isnt even a word to me.
    neither is pot or weed.

    ESPECIALLY during a “news” video.


  • Larkinchance

    Marijuana prohibition is the most effective tool used for the purpose of voter suppression.
    A significant segment of the 2.4 million people in prison are there for the use of marijuana.
    There 7 million people, mostly of color, in the parole system. Going back 40 years since the War on Drugs has been going. The figure maybe be as high a 20 million. Most of these people has lost their “Right “to vote for a lifetime. I’d call that voter suppression, wouldn’t you? This is the growing American Gulag.

  • Julissa Campos

    There is no such a thing as “free” market as long as we use money It is competition and violence , because if you don’t have money and I do, then you will do as I tell you and competition puts everyone in hierarchy of dominant power.

    Solutions would be create ‘peoples banks’ from the people to the people with out any extra charge. We need cooperate small towns together against monetary system.

    Turn prostitution back in to love and bought sold services to taking care of each other.

  • drumstick74

    I love that you sometimes put in some good news in the Corbett Report 😉
    Let’s spark one up for the cannabis victory in Vermont.

  • James Steele

    I don’t think these federal and state governments are permitting legalization because they are bowing to the people’s will. No, they are doing this because it benefits them in some way, probably multiple ways, and probably mostly sinister ways.

  • brian M

    while watching this the mailman delivered my fluoride-free toothpaste to my door. Seems odd to have a tube of toothpaste mailed just to avoid the 100% toxic choices at any local store. Large-scale concentration camp-life, but at least we have this slightly less campy internet for now.

  • Marc Gottlieb

    Always liked this channel aka 9/11..To bad they aren’t talking about current problems facing humanity..The ones humans have much less control..The ones small defenses will make the difference between who survives in the next 7 years..80 percent of us won’t be around in 20/25. ..Natural events will place humans in his/her proper perspective in this universe.

  • Inisfad

    I think that the issue with Obama’s medical marijuana law was that, if you were using medical marijuana, you had to give up your Second Amendment rights…..

  • Steven bent1

    so you bought a house! Did you go to the banksters or is your online presence enough to be able to purchase outright? While I do not begrudge you a house it seems anathema to your professed income generating mechanization and assertions of your research. Are you capitalizing on these memes as capitalist? Severely mixed messaging here and you are benefiting well it appears. Can you will you clear this up for us please

  • christine griggs

    Not sure if this is already on your channel, but it would be great to review Trumps promises and what he has delivered in and what he has flipped on and what has yet to be addressed….thanks from 🍁

  • christine griggs

    Kraft and nestle are my 2 #1 no no’s…I ry to use a small footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle.

    PS voting with your $ is the only vote that matters!

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