EU Official’s Daughter Raped & Murdered by Invader, Asks For € for Migrants at Funeral

This is the unbelievable story of a teenage girl who was raped and murdered by an invader in Germany. Her father is a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission & who advocated for “refugees.” At her funeral, her father asked for donations for “refugees.”

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  • truthhurtshipsters

    Disqusting traitor to his country and his family. How many more of
    Europeans have to be killed before they realise what needs to be done.
    Facts are that these are violent species of mongrels invading Europe daily
    and White genocide is happening. It is a facts that if they are not
    expelled back to their countries Europe is lost.

  • Spartacus547

    I’m just utterly appalled at Germany that they would allow this Injustice
    to continue. Do they have no shame, no sense of Honor or duty to their own
    citizens? I can tell you Here and Now the US. is never going to let this
    s*** happen in our country!

  • HisFullArmor

    That’s it!!! We need to start keeping a list of these traitors! No more!!!
    I’m sick of this!!! You’re either with us and you protect your own family
    your wife, your sons, or daughters or you’re done! We are the ones that
    want peace in our own land and if you won’t give us peace… we’ll give you
    hell!!! No Retreat!!! No Surrender!!! No Mercy!!! Fuck Them!!!

  • Nikolina

    I really want to see an interview with the stupid ass family who took this
    peace of human garbage into their house and treated him like a son! I
    wonder if they regret or if they will continue to help other refugees! They
    did an interview with the guest family of the axe attacker in Wurzburg and
    the guy said that they are sad that the boy is dead…
    The father of Maria is just another typically christian idiot “love your
    enemy, turn the other cheek…” I bet he would turn over his other daughter
    too for the sake of “Nächstenliebe” too!

  • Camel76

    Clemens Ladenburger is her father. He didn’t care about his daughter. That
    is why he sacrificed her for the New World Order.He needs to be shamed.
    Make many memes about him.

  • extremevolumepop1

    Much like the story of Amy Biehl’s family. She was an activist in South
    Africa, killed over twenty years ago by a black mob in some little
    township. A few years later, after her killers got an early release on some
    bullshit pretext, her father made goody goody with them, and hired them to
    do work for him.

  • Chris Jackson

    Someone lost their baby girl.
    We all lost a beautiful person who would likely have been a wife and mother
    soon. People, get ready. This is going to end and you are going to end it.
    Everyone is going home, wherever that may be, except the monsters that
    organized all this just for us, they are going to get it!

  • D K

    What kind of soulless sociopath defends the man that raped and murdered his
    own child? I wouldn’t do anything less than seek revenge, than again I dont
    have a warped sense of loyalty like the EU kikes and brainwashed idiots.

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