Lügenpresse: Rolling Stone Lies About Lana Lokteff

Lana breaks down a Rolling Stone article written by Jew obsessed Sarah Posner where she blatantly makes up quotes and tries to make Lana look like a ditzy valley girl.

Rolling Stone Article: https://archive.is/OHmWc

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  • Dr. Strangelove

    i really don’t want to listen to any more jew documentaries, I’m really
    really sick of the fucking jew, i demand all jews shut the fuck up and
    leave america now. or face the eventual consequences, once whites take our
    nations back they will pay for their crimes against us.

  • Ian Moone

    It will get to the point where we do not even talk to the enemy
    anymore.Perhaps the time for discussion is over since it doesn’t go
    anywhere? Our opposition is surely not interested in discussing about the
    issues we hold closest to us. They’re only interested in pushing their

  • Jason Copping

    This a good example why Europeans need the US First Amendment. The US Bill
    of Rights, the first ten amendments of the US Constitution, is born from
    the European experience and suffering. Maybe the correct path of European
    Unification is to start with a Supreme Court for nullifying any sovereign
    Nation law that violates a European’s Bill of Rights.

  • Randy Scheunemann

    Lana points out the Armenian genocide (presumably as an example of
    nonwhites committing a genocide) and the cunt reporter claims she denied
    the Armenian genocide. No bitch, she didn’t. Go talk to Cenk Uyger about
    the Armenian genocide.

  • Jim Hollywood

    Midget jew! hahaha! Hope I don’t have nightmares tonight! Excellent vid,
    keep up the fantastic work and say hi to Henrik for me…..midget jew is
    hilarious maybe put some ink on her face so she’s a midget jew clown
    outside as well as inside. hahahahaha

  • Howdy There

    I am really tired of hearing about the holocaust too. And I am sick of
    talking about Jews but they keep doing stupid and annoying things that make
    me want to talk about them. If they just went to Israel….we’d all be
    better off.

  • Omnious

    Your typical fugly supremacist (((midget))) that desperately tries to make
    everything about Jewish people. Lana should have told her to take a number
    and stand in line with all the other POC’s who have fabricated grievances
    with white people.

  • senatortombstone

    Ah, the jügenpresse… Even if the holocaust did happen, it is still a
    small percentage of all of the 20th century state sponsored murders. The
    jews only care about their dead, which makes sense, I suppose. However,
    they expect everyone else to only care about the jewish dead, which is

  • Ed Tallman

    And Rolling Stone’s journalistic standards are so famously impeccable. Lana
    should accuse that disgusting Marxist pig of attempted rape.

  • kmax MacDonald

    Blast Sarah Posner’s twitter page. These puke lying corrupt Journalists
    don’t lie and get away with it anymore. They will know their are
    consequences for this.

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