The Origins of the Lucia Tradition

Henrik tells the myth behind the Lucia tradition still celebrated in Nordic countries today. This old tradition is now under threat by antiWhite leftists seeking to make it an all inclusive celebration where all people can be included in the ritual, not just young beautiful Scandinavian girls.

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About The Author


  • justaman6972

    stay tribal Sweden! We native Americans are watching. We could not stop the
    European invasion, now we live on reservations, think about it…

  • knowthingman

    Can you say *cultural appropriation?* What a turn of irony, and a spitting
    in the face to indigenous cultures. Forcing the use of a dark skinned
    rapeugee invader in a ceremony celebrating the “return of light”. So much
    for Freedom of Religion.

  • knowthingman

    I liked the Scandinavians better when they would eat hallucinogenic
    mushrooms, paint their faces blue, and take an ax to the heads of any
    interlopers in their lands or trespassers against their gods, culture,
    religion and people. These new Marxist bleeding heart suicidal
    Scandinavians are a disgrace to their heritage and traitors to their blood.

  • TactilePortraits

    Jews sacrificing chickens = Crazy primitives!
    Norwegians sacrificing 8 male animals (gay) = ARE TRADITIONS. FUCK THE

  • Karl Hungus

    Satan can not cast out Satan. You’re nation achieved its cultural zenith
    while following the cross. This heathen renaissance you think you want is a
    lie. The reality is Babylon. That is what you are becoming. The cultural
    changes you are already experiencing and claim to despise are symptoms of
    your nation’s apostasy. Go back to the cross or join your new master in
    hell. He is the one that condones degeneracy and lawlessness. He is the one
    that despises borders and nations. Those are his people invading your
    lands. That is his spirit corrupting your leaders. Keep thinking their is a
    way out that does not involve faith in Christ and your nation is doomed.

  • Foerdi94

    Wait a Video that makes a cultural Tradition of a Country accessable to
    foreigners… I thought you were racists! (irony of Course. If the left
    have their way there won’t be any of this because there won’t be any
    different cultural traditions.)

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