Why Is China The Biggest Threat To The U.S and Trump Right Now

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the latest geo political moves between the U.S and China. China has had an aggresive reaction to President elect Donald Trump and the situation will not calm down anytime soon. Russia and Putin will have a big impact on this situation. For more news like this support us on http://patreon.com/wearechange

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  • Cyberat Rodent

    If the Chinese are so pissed off, why don’t they just STOP ALL
    MANUFACTURING just for one month ?
    It’s all Fear Mongering Propaganda in USA and posturing on the side of the

  • Cyberat Rodent

    Actually, no, show me the numbers. Most of Chinese military hardware are
    copies of or straight out bought Russian Military Hardware.

  • River City MOVERS (Michael Anenberg)

    Well, you see….American murdered Sadamm and Lybia’s King for daring to
    threaten to accept silver and Euros for their oil. What happened?
    China and russia have already booted the USA Dollar to the curb and what
    did we do about it? Nothing. Because Obama is a reactionary fool.

  • socialcristiano mundial

    Russia is not Communist that’s all history.
    this is evolution first was feudalism second industrial revolution and then
    now what’s coming is paradise everybody’s going to be equal

  • mrclinf85

    i dont see the russian cooling down they cooperation with china,i do see
    Russian trying to balance itself in away where they can play the middle
    men.. The Russian will still seek to protect is interested every in rhe the
    world and the Chinese have more in the bank with china….the Russian will
    played nice till sanction is lift and and having they economy belts take
    off..trump wont last forever or two terms Russia plans past trump years
    left on earth

  • Philosopher Rex

    Don’t these new oil output restrictions by OPEC and many other non-OPEC
    countries BENEFIT the US oil industry? Someone help me out here if I’m
    wrong – because it seems that if the US isn’t party to fixing the price at
    a higher level, then the US oil industry will be exporting more – meaning
    more money and jobs for the USA.

  • Diverse Link 元系

    war. what else is US gonna sell?

    a basket of Swaziland marijuana in exchange for a miley cyrus album won’t
    clinch much deals.

  • deadbutmoving

    Why do we care about Taiwan?

    Not one drop of American blood or one penny of American taxpayer money
    should be wasted on that useless island.

  • The Kruxed

    There is more defence money in changing targets from Russia to China
    publicly(USA public like having fresh enemies to hate for no reason). China
    is also the biggest threat moving forwards and the power behind the good ol
    USA aren’t ready for the massive Alien false flag just yet when there’s
    still money and power to be exploited terrestrially. Russia is surrounded,
    China only has a horse shoe around it and the only way to change that is
    get Russia in bed for a cuddle before the drugged ass rape happens at a
    later date.

  • Eibon phoenix

    i think Russia will stil, align with china at the end of the day the us is
    still a threat to them and theyve been going at it with us for decades now.
    yeah trump is in office, but we are not allies with them. its like to gangs
    squashing beef bc of violence, yeah they may stop for the time being but
    that doesnt mean they like eachother

  • Truth

    All these “show of force” episodes are propaganda basically from the media
    and I guess even YouTube media. China can scare the US military in any way
    at all even in their fantasies. We control the entire ocean. We have 10
    super carriers and china has zero. The rest of the world has zero. China
    cannot even sail out of the South China Sea without us permitting it. Even
    if they built a carrier we could sink it before it got out of the harbor.
    Long range bomber? 😂😂😂 We can shoot it out of the sky at any point
    anywhere. Name the exact latitude and longitude you want it blown up and we
    can press a button and make it happen. The only thing China could do is
    fire a nuclear ballistic missile at us but obviously we would then
    annihilate them instantly. We also have space weapons where we can emp
    their entire grid. This is all bs.

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