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Yes, June 1st, 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of The Corbett Report. And yes, it’s kind of a big deal for me, as you might imagine. I haven’t decided how to mark the occasion yet, but I do want to hear from you: How did you find the site. What were your impressions at the time? Did it change your perceptions? What does it all mean? Send me your feedback (along with whatever name you want used on air) and you might be featured in my 10 year birthday bash! Oh, and I’ll be presenting at the Red Pill Expo in Montana next month via Skype (details below).


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  • rio skyscraper

    Hey James, I’d like to know your opinion on heliocentric vs geocentric models of the Earth and of NASA. Thanks.

  • Doug McGillis

    An outstanding achievement and , by far, the most intelligent, well researched, with the least hype of any channel I’ve seen on YouTube…. “Thank You” and congratulations. You deserve a YouTube Oscar award! from a Vancouver Island subscriber

  • Phillip Dunbar

    congratulations….I am a newbee so I have a lot of back catalogue catching up to do…was put on to your channel by Debbie(sane progressive) and Claudia Stauber(@CABINTALK). #mniwiconi thank you 🙂

  • mistisblu

    I love your Channel, and I appreciate the work you do to bring the truth out. I have learned a lot from your podcast and your videos. Thank you for sharing your experience and research. May God bless you and walk with you always.

  • Joel Klimkowski

    I have been around listening to you since 2009. Congratulations on a decade well spent. Your reports are concise, compassionate and are reasonably digestible to the people that I care about. Thank you so very much, James!

  • Kenny Riel

    i saw jb wells there in the pics. We now know he is the biggest gatekeeper out there. He told flat earthers “i am coming to get you and i am going to destroy your little paradigm.” He has regretted those words

  • Nick The Hick

    Congratulations on 10 years of great content and keeping us informed. Here’s to another 10 years.

  • jenifer divine

    congrats for being away from America, in western Japan;
    i myself live on an island off the southwestern coast of Thailand,
    quite grateful to be far away from the USA

  • MsTruthrules

    Love, love, love your reports. Always presented in an informative, fun way. I’ve been on board with you since stumbling upon one of your videos ages ago. I feel like my IQ rises just a little bit more with every viewing. Here’s to ten more glorious years James!!

  • G-man

    james is one of the most if not the most thorough journalist in terms of deep research and truly getting to the heart of the story.His intuition on new breaking stories and his overall no bs, unbiased view on geo politics which has been shaped by years and years of research made me realize hes the true voice of reason in the alternative media when it comes to the truth and the first opinion i want to hear when anything significant happens. I was so happy to hear in one of your podcasts that you started off your career with 9-11’s official story not making sense to you ,then followed by the federal reserve, then everything else.To me those were the two things that got me started asking questions and led me down the rabbit hole for a decade also lol
    Keep it up James.You truly are an inspiration

  • StealthyMonk

    The YouTube stability feature has made you look like you are under water. ALWAYS skip that YT feature.
    Thanks for the video. Thumbed up.

  • marko a. a. khatwah

    Springtime in Japan. Extremely -not- jealous. jk. Mazaltov! Best of luck on your path forward and may you always walk in shade.

  • ilfrigothefridge La Babs

    James james james, please tell me on the universal year of light on may 1st 2015 at the universal year of light at the milan expò may 1st 2015 and the year of universal via crucis may 1st 2015 and the universal family of light may 1st 2015 and the giubilem year of opening the doors 2015………………………………………………………………….. I will waite while waiting on the “seeds for chips” oboobama as a keynote……………………………………………………………………………… OK?

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