George Jared : Witches in West Memphis: The West Memphis Three


This might be the most unjust prosecution in U.S. legal history. If you think what happened to Steven Avery in the true crime film, Making a Murderer, was shocking you will be completely appalled by what happened to three little boys and three teens in Arkansas in 1993. Three 8-year-old boys vanished from their West Memphis neighborhood one sunny afternoon. A day later their mangled, nude bodies are found in a drainage ditch. Police and prosecutors believe the killings are related to the occult. Three teens are arrested one month later. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr. are convicted. There’s only one problem. Overwhelming scientific evidence proves they’re innocent and witness after witness has come forward to admit lies were told in court during the original trials. Award-winning journalist George Jared takes readers inside one of the most famous criminal cases in U.S. legal history. Witches in West Memphis gives a comprehensive insiders’ view into the West Memphis Three case. No journalist has written more stories about the case than Jared. The author recounts his firsthand court coverage, interviews with witnesses, research, and other information he gathered in the case. Those interviews include a Death Row interview with Damien Echols, interviews with Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr., and interviews with other suspects, including Terry Hobbs. He’s been credited in numerous documentaries including the Academy Award nominated film Paradise Lost III: Purgatory and the New York Times best seller Life After Death. Witches graphically recounts how three Boy Scouts – Stephen “Stevie” Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers – rode their bikes after school on a bright afternoon. Their bodies are found in a wooded area near their homes the next day. The manner of death and the way they were bound, ankle to wrist, made authorities think Satanists might have sacrificed the children. Echols, a troubled teen with a seedy past, was immediately identified as a possible suspect. His best-friend, Jason Baldwin, and another teen known to them, Jessie Misskelley Jr., are arrested June 3, 1993, and charged with murder. No real evidence tied the teens to the crime, but an error-riddled confession by Misskelley was the proof used to seal the verdicts in the case. Read how they, referred to as the West Memphis Three, toiled in prison for years as their case stagnated in the Arkansas judicial system. As time passed, overwhelming scientific evidence surfaced. Witnesses changed their statements. New suspects rose to the surface. No author, documentary filmmaker, or journalist has had more access in this case. Witches is written in an easy to read, narrative-style form. Grab a copy today.


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  • Donna Gosdantian

    So, the WM3, are totally innocent ? My question is based only on the text under this video. So, what does William Ramsey think about this guy, and his book ?

  • dtm303909

    This guy is full of shit.. I’m glad Ed pulled him up on it politely when he tried to spin the facts. The knife never went deep enough to hit bones because the kids were tortured with shallow cuts. All the OTO sourced “expert witnesses” were tasked with getting those evil fuckers out of jail.

  • dtm303909

    They didn’t want to traumatise any other kids from the softball game, and only two girls were asked to testify because that was considered ample at the time. This c*nt is clearly being deceptive and is trying too hard to sell these bullshit “double talk” explanations.. Using the passage of time to blur the details and obscure the facts is the weakest bullshit arguments I have heard so far.. He sounds like a politician, and a bad one at that. I wonder how many people have since been paid off or threatened to recant.. And you just need to see Echols in the prison interviews contradict himself SO MANY TIMES it stuns me people listen to him for more than 5 minutes without him pegging their bullshit meter to overload.. Holy shit people have no basic ability to spot a liar these days.. Or maybe they are wilfully ignoring the obvious because they are on the other team so to speak.. Wow

  • Karra Glaser

    What is this nonsense??? They are just portraying the narrative. Damien and his scumbag friends ate guilty. Just another chump trying to make money off the murder.Smh..

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