Lauren Southern On Stopping Refugees and Getting Detained

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Lauren Souther from her latest political action trying to stop refugee boats from leaving off the coast of Sicily, Italy. Lauren explains what she did, why she did it and her motivation behind her action.

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  • Edgar Castillo

    what an evil witch…trying to rationalize statism with libertarian rhetoric. this is poison to the so called liberty movement. Luke shame on you I thought you were better than this

  • Me Now

    More LAUREN!!! But… I’m not clear on one thing. Was the ship actually operating illegally? Who owns it?

  • Mat Dolor

    Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer! right vs left lib vs con brown vs white. getting in the way a ship filled with ‘refugees’ or ‘human traffickers’ will do nothing for the cause of Freedom. Know your enemy. It’s not the refugee or the brown people, it’s the people funding chaos around the world. You are a part of their distraction. Waste of activism

  • Armenia 11

    Wow wtf, you have no right to go to another country and take actions in their own problems, because you have no clue what it is actually going on. And who do you think you are, are you kidding me, burning a ship and talking about it likes its no big deal and no one should question you? Thats not your property, if you care so much of the world, start from your own country and make it better, if you have the guts to do it

  • Ray Salazar

    This stupid bitch… She should do that in front of the white house. They’re the ones creating refugees and those who profit from it.

  • Man With Vision

    Luke is losing credibility having these right-wing “muh borders/muh country” types on here. They are nothing more than statists giving the “freedom movement” a bad look

  • Turbo Tastic

    Lauren keeps mentioning “legal”, “legaility”… laws are just threats of violence from the gangs known as governments that funded completely with stolen money (taxes), so what difference does it make if it was “illegal” that they were entering the imaginary country lines… Luke should question her on this..

  • ping .-t

    Luke, Thank you for video-ing that action last night. From what I saw Lauren is telling 100% truth about what happened at sea last night. Believe it or not, I do love the difference in all the different countries that are being impacted by trying to help those who are suffering or oppressed. This is a horrible shame! I can see both sides of this issue from just some small personal experiences I had while on a very long vacation in Ireland. The EU has a rule that they will tell each country how many immigrants they will have to accept. There are major benefits of being in the EU for many countries but there are drawbacks too. Many, Many refugees and immigrants do NOT want to lose their cultural/religious heritage when they immigrate. But from growing up in NYC, I have seen that the 2nd & 3rd generations do keep many of the things that represent their cultural history BUT do assimilate into the American Culture. I hope that happens in every country that accepts all kinds of people arriving in their country.

    I also think, “what if it were me? what if my family had to flee? what if I was a young person with no future or had young children?” So many thoughts go through my mind, I am really twisted around by the current situation. Sure I wish that all people who flee could do so LEGALLY – but as we know, all governments take way to long to get a system together. Also, the treatment that many refugees are receiving is horrendous! Their must be an EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN by each country, each continent to have a reserve area to help those in their own country or continent. These areas should be set aside NOW everywhere and NOT allow these people who are in Government to be asleep at the wheel. History, even Ancient History shows us that their will be people fleeing their native lands for so many reason that nobody can even think of them all.

    People who traffic in humans that are suffering should be captured, tried and if guilty, they should get the severest form of punishment. The Slavery that is now an open market in Libya is beyond comprehension & troops from all nations should be sent there to put a stop to this! The trafficking of children for sexual purposes is beyond belief and the GLOBE, every country on Earth, should have forces all join together to stop this immediately.

    I worry about each country and their various cultures, practices, foods, festivals, etc. being lost in the shifting currents of human displacement. We should all be thinking Globally, and allowing all kinds of different things from different countries but when they immigrate to a different country they should NOT be allowed to change the customs and culture of the country they arrive in. They should also be allowed to keep their culture as long as it doesn’t VIOLATE any laws of the host country. Also, the displacement should be TEMPORARY! And all actions should be taken globally to straighten out the horrors that people are forced to flee from. YES – TEMPORARY. . .. . Just because you are forced to leave your own homeland due to some horror, that doesn’t mean you can permanently be allowed to stay in a country that is lending you a helping hand. While in the host country, the immigrants should do everything possible to get their home country FIXED. The only people that should even have a chance of citizenship should be those who immigrated legally. IF a refugee has children in a host country that child should NOT be giving citizenship in the host country but citizenship in the country of their parents so there is no difficulty in the entire family returning to their homeland.

    All refugees, should be provided food, shelter, medical & education in the “reserved areas”. This should be provided with global funds & workers from the United Nations. People with skills, who are refugees, should be utilized when ever possible to be contributing members to the society in the reserve areas. And refugees should always remember that they are guests in the reserve area and do everything necessary to contribute their services/labor to the betterment of the Reserve areas. This can be solved! I do not blame Lauren for being concerned and acting upon it. Thank you for the exposure of this situation! Love to you & Your’s!

  • ZZ666

    This was so stupid. What were you hoping to achieve with a little boat and some flares?
    If you want to make a statement, go protest the biggest arms distributor on earth, the U.S., and protest against their proxy war and allegiance to Al Queda as they murder and displace hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children.
    The U.S. Government is very good at invading countries, overthrowing their government, and then backing those who will commit genocide so that the U.S. can go in and take over the country’s oil, gas, and other resources.
    If you want to stop the migration, you have to stop the industrialized military complex and the parasitical bankers.
    ——————————————–DIVIDE AND CONQUER——————————————

  • Rishabh Singh

    She is domestic terrorist just like antifa and needs to be dealt like antife.

    Put her and antifa in prison

  • John Earl

    whats gonna happen is when they’re sure the numbers are enough its gonna be simultaneously attacks on every important town & city in western Europe just take a look at your town could it withstand thousands if not millions of foreign insurgents taking over they’ve nearly done it now…….for example France~Sweden~Germany~Holland~Greece~Italy~Denmark & nearly Britain this is really [SCARY!!!!!!!!!!

  • blackbird garden

    lauren such good peaceful activist action taken by yourself and Identitare, to oppose german govt people-trafficking for the globalists.. Here you give a crystal clear explanation of the reasons for this action.

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