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Sein M.
dublin, Ireland
Audio Engineer and Producer

Do you need profession availability, swift turn around and a great level of service? Look no further. I am an audio specialist who provides audio and music production services from my professional sound studio. With 20 years’ experience in audio production as an Engineer (Recording, Editing, Mixing, Restoration), Producer (Audio and Music), Mastering Engineer since 2010, new to Upwork I have worked in a diverse range of audio specialties including:

Audio Editor, Engineer on Podcasts for Radio and Websites.
Sound and Recording Engineer for Live Radio Music Show.
Audio Restoration Engineer and Dialogue Editing and Optimizing Specialist.
Audio Producer and Sound Editing Video.
Audio Producer for Business Promos.
Audio Producer for Music Promos/Demos.
Audio Editor for Audio Books.

Music Producer and Composer for Motion Picture.
Music Producer, Mastering and Audio Engineer on Albums, EPs, Single tracks and demos for music groups, solo artists.
Musician: 20 musical instruments, 30 plus years’ experience composing, performing, collaborating.
Backing tracks and making realistic and natural sounding sampled drum tracks and electronic beats.

Digital Recording Studio Manager and Sound Technician BCFE college Dublin:
Studio Producer and Sound/Audio Engineer; Recording, Mixing and Mastering solo musician and ensemble music students.
As a technician I maintained and repaired equipment and resources for music technology students and studio users.
Guest lecturer at colleges. Title: “Innovations In Music Production”. less

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