Cryptocurrency Weekly Wrap Up – Top 3 Bitcoin Updates You Should Know About THIS WEEK!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is joined by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media to talk about the latest weekly news in the bticoin and cryptocurrency world.

There’s no shortage of news this week. Everything from the so-called South Korean cryptocurrency ban, the new taxes on crypto trading in the U.S. to the attempt to create a global centrally planned cashless society, the diferences between centralized cashless and decentralized cashless and of course we can’t go without talking about the incredible opportunities that Steemit provides!
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  • Eli Leon

    Why didn’t I invest in bitcoin in 2009? because I was 10 years old. Why didn’t I invest in 2016? because I had no money. It just wasn’t meant to be. But I think Bit coin is going to continue to drop in vale for a couple months, and then it will be time to invest before it starts to go back up again.

  • Owls in CasTle 007

    i still ask myself if A.I created BloCk Chain. ACC Chain, Sofia, saudi arabia and the big block in it! I have time to hold these thoughts. i gain altitude. Its level!

  • Banana Bandana

    Bruh…. I need a new hardware wallet ledger nano S is lame it won’t take my LTC

    Brave web browser pays for video content

  • The Write In President

    It is good that I am not on the mainstream news as some talking head, and it is for this reason there will be many great teachers after I am dead… Whether Revelation is to play out in our lifetime, or the next 100 years… If you think I am a great teacher, then just use my teachings to point others to READ THE GOSPEL.. It matters not that God Chose me to do what I do even before I was born, it only matters that we tell others of the Holy Spirit, and how this physical experience is worthy of all who seek it… The Holy Spirit will always return us to Christ Jesus no matter how far we may stray, and we who are older know all must go through that Prodigal Son period to be beat down into how evil this world that Satan Rules actually is… In knowing the world is a lie, and the TV Shows be they News to what ever programming you watch, you can not watch without being sucked in to their illusions of Fake Space, Fake Wars that do kill real innocent people, and children… Science is a lie of the Vatican Anti-Christ Pope and his Fake Jews to mislead you… We have a purpose, and that is to protect the Old Jewish Bible no matter what may be done to us, or the ones we love… Our Bodies are Temporary Physical things to be Temples for our image of God, the Soul… Do not fight with those who will not see, or can not see, for we do not know the will of the God of the Bible for others… We best keep our hearts, and minds, and spirits as pure as possible and always know it is our thoughts that lead us to hell, not just our actions… In This, we are humble before the Lord… Continue to meet with others as you make churches in your homes, and abandon all these Churches of the Cross for they only teach Deeds… We know there is nothing we can do to work our way into Heaven, and we live by the Code of Saved by Grace, not by works… We follow John 13:34 and teach others to do so… In Christ Jesus Name… Amen…

  • Chance Paladin

    2:00 sooooo what you’re saaaaaaaaayingggggg… is that it was fake news? ;o Anyway this’s amazing, please make it a weekly show. I imagine you’ll get a lot of new subs.

  • themrjones

    I remember when Bitcoin was at $200 something, my buddy who was taking a trading class told me to buy buy buy, I didn’t, but he didn’t either because money was tight, FML.

  • JoeyTheChin Fuggetaboutit

    The downside to the crypto currency is when you cash out your massive profits, BOOM the Government has you for the Capital Gains Tax!!!

  • 805to808

    Worst thing that can happen on steemit is you only make a little money? What about having your account censored and having all payouts removed because a whale disagrees with your opinion?
    The biggest whale on te site @berniesanders kills accounts on the daily of anyone that is to the right of stallen.
    Till you all start being honest about the censorship on steemit I will have to keep leaving comments about the truth.

    If you can’t be honest about steemit then how am I suposta trust anything you say?

  • Leo Foster

    im nt filing nothing off bit coin for iRS. they got nothing to stand on. til they stake equale acrss the board. they not charging taxes at arcades for tokens.

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