The Abnormalization of Dissent


The spin, lies, manipulation and deceptions are coming so fast and thick it’s increasingly difficult to document them all, let alone analyze them. But in the broad sweep of recent events we can see a common theme emerging: the abnormalization of dissent. And when political ideology boils down to nothing more than “real” and “fake” the control of political discourse through language itself is almost complete. Can outright censorship be far behind?


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  • Linda Sky

    The fact that I truly want to post this on my FB page with a “MUST SEE” but
    hesitate and decide not to, kind of says it all. :(

  • Ann T

    SORE LOOSERS!!! Trey are twisting everything! They are so FAKE! They better
    not try to sensor the internet! This is how they got in. in the first
    place!!! They used free speech to brainwash the populous and now that they
    are loosing they are trying to change the rules!!! SORE LOOSERS!!!

  • Banjo Marla

    The danger of this has been apparent to me for a long time, and I,ve often
    looked at brilliant and well researched exposes ,your own and others and
    wondered, how long? The link is after all fragile. You can be cut off, the
    need to identify yourself and the device has become more necessary and
    google Plus effortlessly stores the details and location and your rectal
    It’s like a cross between Kafka and Orwell. That such champions of freedom
    such as the USA and the UK should imprison their people and isolate them
    from the truth is beyond irony. Will their people be pitied as we once did
    the subjects of the USSR?
    Connecting the world should have been the ultimate weapon against
    ignorance,disease, and any human problem you can consider, by sharing
    knowledge and working on problems that affect us all, globally. And here we
    are stuck right back where it began, looking at the biggest man out the
    cave swing his club. Power and corruption rule.

  • mcflayv

    Stop asking questions slave! Get back to the tax farm! 😉 Seriously, thanks
    for all you do JC, to anyone that listens to you regularly, seeing you on
    the propornot list is all we need to completely discredit the list, your
    reporting and analysis is some of the most objective, truthful and well
    researched/documented I’ve ever seen.

  • Aggravated Introvert

    The world is on the cusp of an odd change in it’s tides of society. Perhaps
    finally we will have the true revolution of honest people who want freed
    from tyrannical rulers who should have no say in their day-to-day lives.

  • steveetienne

    now i see the long game. all of the embedded disinformation agents
    spreading rubbish, all of the so called cyber bullying and hate, all of the
    psy ops and fake news all leading to one goal – complete and total
    censorship. eyes and ears in all our homes. the snoopers charter.
    everything transparent. welcome to the future.

  • Str8arrow62

    Would it be out of line to publish the names and addresses of any electoral
    college voters who flip their votes? Pretty dangerous ground to overturn at
    the last second the will of the people.

  • undeadpresident

    Anonymous officials that were briefed on a briefing to US senators. That’s
    as credible as a 3rd hand account of a Pathological Liars Anonymous

  • Cop Watch Hawaii

    i made a video dedicated to corbett brilliance maybe 2 weeks ago. this dude
    is goat at what he does in my book. someone name an anarchist who is doing
    it better? anyone?
    if someone says molyneaux, im gunna break a rib laughin, for real…

  • cyndy t

    IMO if Putin is powerful enough to co-op all of the media outlets,
    politicians and millions of people across the world without overthrowing
    one government or building military bases in every country while spending
    1/10 th of the money the USG puts in defense….let him rule the damn world

  • MrKVH47

    What a bunch of Bolshevist! We’ve been briefly briefed by the briefs, so
    saith the Queen of Queens, the Big B’, my lady of delusions, so don’t be
    rushing your Russian propaganda James… WTF happened to this country?

  • not2tees

    US Civil War Two would be the best-case scenario for the
    military-industrial simplex. Their lines are in the water, what’ll bite?

  • Todd Brill

    The decentralized DNS and web projects along with strong encryption and
    Bitcoin will take Internet censorship powers out of the hands of all
    governments. Their only option will be to completely dismantle the entire
    Internet or capitulate their losing battle against human freedom.

  • Polly Thurkettle

    The more the humourless psychopathic freaks at the CIA push this nonsense,
    the more ridiculous they make themselves look.

  • Jon Doe

    Great video…Where we are is a product of decades of manipulation,
    identity politics and media driven division. For decades we have been
    pushed as a nation into boxes, left or right, you pick, but once their you
    must hate the side you did not choose.

    I don’t believe elections are for electing people, they are for fomenting
    division. Because once divided in half (have you ever wondered why we are
    divided exactly in half, what is the likely hood of this being
    happenstance, and not designed), the powers that be pit one side against
    the other, so we spend our time fighting our neighbor and not the filth
    that runs Washington.

    How is it that a man so devoid of reason or respect for the Constitution
    like Jon McShame (the man has never seen a war he did not love, even when
    those he wants war with are no threat to America whatsoever) can be elected
    year after year?

    The other side of this insidious contrived division is each side it driven
    to see the other side’s leaders as equal to Hitler. Both Clinton and Trump
    have been equated to Hitler many times during this election. Is there
    anything that would be considered immoral if it were to stop “Hitler” from
    gaining power? So here we are people on both sides, though more so on the
    “left” are willing to abide anything to stop Trump )aka Hitler) from
    getting into office, thus the goal of our manipulation and division is
    complete. Now whomever is in the white house will have support of half the
    country and will be hated by the other half, thus insuring gridlock and
    more importantly no accountability. No republican held Bush accountable,
    and certainly no democrat held Obama accountable, even though they were
    both disasters as president and lies constantly.

    Its all about pitting us against each other, remember they have been doing
    this for centuries, we must start to learn to break our bonds is to work

  • fred6319

    a couple of years ago a judge in the US ruled that is legal to tell lies
    and claim it is news.
    and now the same US is whining about fake news.
    Oh that rule was for CNN.

  • Cop Watch Hawaii

    the exact topic of this video is exactly why i include mirror videos of
    james, andreas antonopaulos, and currently jordan peterson to my cop
    watching channel… defense against being labeled “abnormal”. its an
    undeclared war people, no less than that. its sad

  • bille1954

    Everyday we should be talking about the NDAA signed by Obama in May 2012
    that repealed the Smith Mundt Act which now allows the US to use propaganda
    against the US people. Propaganda by our Politicians as well as the Lame
    Stream Media is peddled 24/7. Thank God for the alternative media. I think
    this may be our last chance.

  • syllamo

    Thanks for the great information James.
    We must also realize that this real/fake meme is part of the ‘subjective
    truths’ which people have been whining about over the years – that “each
    person has their own truth”.
    This feeds into the programmed ego whereas “the information which I have
    ingested throughout my life must be true for I am good and have kept my
    nose clean all my life”. (see the good/bad duality in action as well)
    The programmed ego has no discernment mechanisms left which would enable
    them to see through their own programming so they just go along – this is
    one of the reasons that problem-reaction-solution works so well and why
    tptb seem to get away with being ever more sloppy. Multi-generational
    programming works and it is very effective.

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