The Hawaii Drill wasn’t an Error, But a REAL Nuclear Threat

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  • smokeymountainrain

    Im taking this as a bad omen, and I really feel like this is just a hint of what is yet to come before the next decade, but could come during the Trump presidency to stop much of the good he is trying to do, and considering all the ways he has attacked the deep state Luciferian globalists, it wouldnt be a surprise to see it happen this year. Ibe felt a sense of urgency the past two years, something is building, and I saw the flash of a vision of a mushroom cloud while I was wide awake driving my kids to school last year,( many other Christians have had very detailed dreams and visions, some while awake, detailing the destruction of America through war and a couple of major natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunamis, I have always had a strong sense of discernment, and I could feel the truth of their words deep inside my soul, so I take this as another warning, whether done on purpose by someone or for some dark reasons or not, and I dont think Im the only one who feels this way). I agree that we should not live in fear, but we should absolutely be informed and aware, as well as prepared, it doesnt hurt to buy some iodine and respirator masks just in case, and everyone should have food, water, medical supplies, and a means of self defense just for major storms etc. thanks for the update brother, take care, and God bless

  • cassanoa

    LOL – you are incredible – i am amazed that you really believe shitcoin would survive – its gonna get it like the rest – you know nothing is gonna happen because your still pumping the shitcoin LMAO

  • Diana Olsen

    According to Fox News it was a new employee going off duty and he pushed the wrong button. He is taking full responsibility.

  • Patrick Slevin

    After watching Nikki Haley throwing a fit after learning of talks between N.Korea and S. Korea it became obvious, at least to me, we have a time sensitive matter in play right now with dealing with NOKO. She had a fit because she knows about it and we can’t have the North and the South playing nice when we’re ginning up for war. Time is what matters in this deal.

  • V.J. L.

    Obviously? Obviously? How can you say that? And if it was real, then why wasn’t there a REAL defcon1 warning this time. You are just making up things. I’m not a troll either. I’m just sick of people making things up on these channels that are supposed to be TRUTH channels. Well, I guess it gets you viewers. Let’s all get some responsibility here.

  • walkaboutman

    I live in Hawaii and they did nothing, no alarms except for my cell phone. Most people here are just happy to be alive another day!

  • SM76

    The United States Navy is all over that area , being former Navy myself what makes the most sense is the Navy shot it down or it was a test WW3 will be the bringing in of the New World Order and they are not ready for that just yet we need to take out Iran so no nuclear war just yet folks .

  • Roger Bonner

    I think it was a back door intel hack and there are more to come, don’t loose your sleep if you live in a big city steeple

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