Do You Trust The Government To Regulate #FakeNews?

Derrick Broze hits the streets of Houston to talk to people about fake news, government regulation of journalism, and propaganda.

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  • Liberty Infinite

    I tried freedom cells network & it did not function. I am going to try
    all4truth . It is just about to launch & is supposed to be a fully
    functioning anarchist activism site. I hope it works. Thank you Derrick

  • Liberty Infinite

    As a side note, I want some of your conscious resistance network shirts but
    they all say out of stock. & id like to just send you money. How can I?
    Thank you

  • π Intrepido Φ

    *So apparently the Government feels Americans are too stupid to realize
    what’s fake and what isn’t. Their crusade against **”Fake News”** is trying
    to shut down alt media from reporting news that doesn’t fit their
    narrative, like maybe **THE TRUTH!*

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