BOMBSHELL INFORMATION On Wikileaks Source That Changes Everything!

In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange breaks down the latest information about Seth Rich alleged DNC leaker and wikileaks source. As more information is coming in from private investigator Rod Wheeler and Fox News we talk about the cover up and the bigger story behind all the latest breaking news.

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  • jeeps005

    Found this argument on reddit by fletcher42: If Seth Rich’s death was truly an act of random gun violence, he would have been the DNC’s poster boy for gun control.

  • CraftCrü Dude1203

    Wait you actually believe FOXNews on this… I’m sure it’s just more disInfo. Why the fuck are you believing that Bs

  • Tina Arko

    So the FBI never examined the DNC server, instead relying on crowd strike, hired by the democrats to create the fake Russian narrative. H. A. Goodman has a petition to get the DNC to turn over their server to the FBI.

  • scott thomas

    thank you for the post: Rich has no mystery behind his death, he was murdered.  You cannot forget the trail of bodies that follow the Clintons.  May our Lord Jesus Christ guard and guide your steps; in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

  • Rickyticky BobbyWobbin

    Luke, when are you going to realize that he’s not gonna lock her up? When are you going to realize that he’s controlled opposition working for the same people as Hillary? He’s a Zionist Luke! wake up is so obvious. Why you think he’s president in the first place? you seriously think that this powerful organization of elites are just gonna aloud someone that’s against their agenda become president? Think about it…

  • traf fic

    Why do you keep trying to wake people up when you have no solution? Is it because maybe one who is asleep holds the answer/solution? I’ve not heard that either from any “truther”. When do we have enough evidence to revolt? uprise? ????? Does not every truth seeker know it is the zionist jew who is Big Brother? Cabal? Or do they not know to exit the house of abraham to get a better image of the truth? The older brother is shitting on his two younger brothers and stealing the entire abundance for himself, and of course the chosen few. Revolution begins when?

  • Filipe Nomad

    Luke! Why don’t you mention Israel and there control off all the world’s crucial infrastructure through ‘Killswitches’? That’s what Edward Snowdens NSA leaks reveal.. Your a smart guy, you should be making your listeners aware of’ OPERATION TALPIOT’… That’s the key folks! And I’m being serious here.
    Love your work Luke but i think its time to separate the milk from the meat.

  • Tony smith

    Please post your great work on Steemit as well. No censorship and they pay you. I think it’s the future.

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