Sarah Silverman Chose Love When Called a Cu*t On Twitter


Someone called Sarah Silverman a ‘Cu*t’ on Twitter.. Her response from the heart led to real change. This is a perfect example of how choosing to live authentically from the heart can bring real change to the world.

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  • LittleCloth 100

    Who do you think you are kidding here? You are literally projecting your good heart and intentions onto a celebrity that has a large social media catalogue of being a bitchy, foul mouthed, disrespectful, selfish and entitled C grade celebrity. You are doing your brand a disservice by associating with this unenlightened schmuck. How about considering other examples of real people doing good things, rather than kowtowing to celebrities? This video (though well meaning), will never hit its mark because anyone with half a brain knows that Sarah Silverman cares only about Sarah Silverman. Very disappointing.

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