Partisan Girl On Whats Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews Mimi Al Laham Partisan Girl about what she thinks is really happening now with all the latest breaking news and her predictions for the future. We go over our analysis of Donald Trumps moves and how it will impact the future.

Donald Trumps latest controversial move. We go over the greater ramifications and bigger truths behind this latest breaking news.

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  • Wael Ali

    kurds recieved support from suadi
    in kurds controlled area in iraq isis was created and captured Mosul where shia Maliki has stored weapons and money to them so shia and kurds can expand control and rule with invaders out of chaos

  • EyzCad

    I dont think all Muslim countries will unite. Look around, the only Muslim guy with balls is Erdogan and all the others are watching him speak and thats it

  • Jai666666666

    Me, and me, me…, it’s Me, Myself and I, and will be so, until we switch simulations to escape the UV RAYS before we all fry! At least, that’s the plan…, as unrealistic as it may sound…, ask, and it shall be given…

  • Marie Fremlin

    Since they don’t want Christians, we should take them all and send back all their precious Muslims. I don’t see it as being that simple. The Ottoman takeover of the western world was the plan, leaving most of Middle East to Isreal and Russia absorbs Turkey. Preserving America who ultimately becoming an extension of Isreal divies up most of the world pretty evenly. I could be totally wrong but there you have it.

  • John Doe

    I’m sick of this war $hi!. All these psychopath shadow govt hated life and peace so much that they willing to blow up the planet. These people are truly spawn of Satan himself.

  • GreenMountainGrow

    idk if its just me or not but the notification button on YOUR channel seems t be broken? other channel notification buttons work fine for me? i reloaded the page 3 times & still nil. i cant get your notifications. could be a TY cookie issue?

  • Bruce Campbell

    Once we understand that all is organized to actualize the Greater Rothschild State the puzzle fits in place.

  • Gareth Oberman

    [Skip to last paragraph below]Donald Trump is a man of his word. He is an old timer and by all accounts a true American; he is 70 years old. He comes form a different time in history. He was born in 1947. And so when President Trump campaigned and said he was going to take out ISIS, I believe he mean that whole heartedly and he meant to do it in one fell swoop. The fact that “he” has now armed the Kurds and is taking on the Chess game in the Middle East only indicates to me that the US position of President is only a puppets position. Trump is not really in charge. The “deep state” is calling the shots. I truly believe if Trump was fully in charge he would have just “bombed the shit out of them” and ended all conflicts like a boss (or Authoritarian Global Dictator whatever) in the Middle East.

    So all I mean to say with this long drawn out comment is – Trump’s not really in charge or calling the shots – And so dudes question at 17:49 is really irrelevant because, again, this is out of Trump’s hands: It’s in the hands of the “deep state,” whoever that is.

  • praetoriancorps

    Interresting perspective. I hope her predictions will not come true. Expecially on what israels plans are. Seems the world will be alot better off with less zionist lobbyists if what she says is true.
    Tough I have heared about how these kind of lobbyist could have caused world war 2 aswell. Lets hope a positive force will manifest itself to bring true change and peace to the world wich the elite has no control over.

  • Smilomaniac

    mmmm’kay. I learned a bit here that I didn’t know, but somewhat expected. Good job to both of you.

  • Mamoun Al Maini

    Yo Luke come to the UK we need to talk brother 😂 i am from Iraq btw, been following you for a long time, the war on Syria has successfully divided the Arab world into Saudi supporters and Iran supporters which is absolutely disgusting. As an Iraqi that have lived in Iraq during the invasion and after, these two countries did as much damage to Iraq and the area in general as much as the United States did. I agree with partisan girl regarding Israel. The goal is to keep the area a mess, which will give Israel more control and that’s what the Zionist in the American and European establishments have been doing. I really hope to see you one day.
    Stay strong 💪🏻

  • The Gallo-Roman Gentleman

    Luke—-Great job as usual. I hope you take the time to read some of what I wrote here. Personally, I had never really been that naive about the Kurds when everyone around me had the impression of a “brave, innocent people opressed by Turkey”. The “Aryan supremacy” crowd took it one step further, suggesting that a “Turkish Mongols” were opressing “proud Aryans”. Every last bit of this is bogus disinformation. First off, Kurds are NOT native to Syria or Anatolia, as Mimi correctly pointed out before. It’s also litte known but the Kurds have Assyrian and Armenian blood on their hands: the original inhabitants of this “Kurdistan” pseudo-entity. Most of the massacres of the Armenians/Assyrians were perpetrated by the Kurds, who are busy making token apologies now to raise sympathy for their false cause. It’s a well-known fact in geopolitical circles that Kurds are on board with the Zionist agenda and happen to be biggest allies of Israel, both explicitly and implicitly, in the Middle East. No, the Kurds are NOT a “beacon of tolerance in a region of mysogyny”. Nearly all of those honor killings by stoning(not so different to ISIS) in Turkey are carried out by Kurds. Turks are largely Islamicized Anatolians/Armenians and therefore native to the region. Finally, Turkish society in western Anatolia is far more tolerant in the way we understand than Kurds are. This is not a political endorsement of Turkey but facts must be put out there.

  • Brian Wilder

    when I first started watching this video I planned on raging on you for going to Europe and interviewing other you tubers but after listening to Syrian girl I changed my mind. The information I got from her matches up to what I’m getting from my Facebook friends. That little blond haired freaky girl that goes out on boats and harasses refugees should have her house and family tore up so he will know what it’s like.

  • nightviper1115

    I think Trump was being sincere in his campaign when he was against further entanglement, against regime change, pissing off the Saudis, etc. Those were the statements of a political outsider who wasn’t indoctrinated into the Middle East agenda and thus could see how little sense it made. Now that he’s President, the inside forces that are pursuing this agenda are leaning heavily upon him.

  • C Trip

    thank you for your content, thank you for your time and most Importantly​, thank you for your honesty. There is a whole world of serious fucking issues happening every second of every day. It’s a dirty, exhausting and taxing job with little recognition for the time and effort that’s put into getting an unbiased look at what’s happening out there. I swore off mainstream media years ago, and had about had it with the web as well until finding we are change. So I wanted to go out of my way to say thank you to you, Lauren, the camera crews, EVERYONE who supports or has anything to do with this channel, it’s message and all the intelligent/beautiful people involved with informing masses, instead of continuing to purposely and willfully blind its own people. I know yours and many other quality channels are being financially affected by the bullshit actions of some of those self hating humans out there who can only act selfishly and with underhanded tactics to realize their goals, but I happen to know 457 million or so who for the most part want this channel to stay and will do what is necessary for that to be a reality. 😉WeAreChange❕❕❕

  • the radical Gentile

    your correct USA is in the dumps over Israel, and America’s Christian government has been irrelevant for 40 plus years by money of Jewish entities.. and now Muslims are flooding in U.S. unchecked by Jewish u,s deep state government… fizzling truth..2017…

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