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  • Salvage Edith

    A black person raised by white people in Europe or America has this
    so-called “white culture”. I don’t judge people by race. I’m in favour of
    cultural appropriation as a means of exploration into the human condition.
    This is why I feel like this idea of “white culture” could turn SJW very
    very fast. Cultures may be mostly perpetuated by people of a certain race
    due to familial sharing (it’s a social thing, not a genetic one), but they
    are not limited to people of a certain race. Take rock, for instance. Very
    American, right? Well, inspirations for the first rock music included a
    variety of inspirations from jazz, gospel, blues, and other music invented
    by black people. Yet somehow, so many white people embrace rock n roll as a
    heavily western genre of music.

    So, in conclusion, culture is not limited to people of a certain race, but
    people of a certain upbringing.

  • WYATT! 946

    You still didn’t explain what “white identity” is. I’m with you that we
    have a strong identity and culture but you gave no examples.

  • Logan Von Wolfy

    Putting our differences aside, we are all white. Meaning, we have a common
    heritage, blood and history. No more infighting. Its time we united. For

    In this day and age, we sure as hell need to. Or its game over.

  • Blake Quillen

    and for all od you who like to cite crime statistics all the time please
    know that the statistics apply to poverty, and an emphasis on the race
    aspect is bullshit. The more impoverished the individual or group. the more
    crime. thats why poorer places have more homocides drug use and robbery.
    Also minorities dont choose to live there, the fact is it’s harder to make
    it out of the slums when just a generation ago your “people” couldn’t even
    get the same respect from a stranger because of race people in the suburbs
    have it so easy. and affirmative action isnt the answer. the answer is free
    haelth care for all, free education, and a living wage. as i said before
    the real discrimination is in money and power not race.

  • ShitHighInTransit

    White culture: Civilization
    Asian culture: Civilization
    Hispanic culture: Civilization
    Arab culture: Civilization
    African culture: Failure.

  • RavenHowl

    Yeah, I like the whole white identity thing, but I’m not really into the
    whole white race against the other races thing, I’m fairly comfortable with
    any race, especially living in Texas with lots of Mexicans, they are
    practically the same as white people here.

  • Loc “stinkybg” Duc

    what a fucking stupid video. what does it have to do whit spirtuality?
    promoting rasism bullshit. i was born in vietnam. and grew up in europe. so
    what am i?

  • jawid os

    @Red Ice TV : i have many question sir iam self an african muslims. why
    white people always blaming other races for their race destrucktion no 1
    is this black or asian teachers whom learn teenages in schools by age 15
    or 16 how to have sex, how to date with guys, then Swedish school there is
    an organization by name of origo stokholm which monthly coming to all
    schools they telling to teenages you can date any guys you want, you can
    have sex any where you want, yeah if your parents don,t let you to bring a
    guys in home please call to this number polis come helping you and give
    private room there you can bring each night one guy. most of white parents
    don,t have any reaction when their daughter bringing other guys in home and
    having sex in parents house. my second question is there are 4 hip pop
    disco in Stockholm most of white Swedish girls coming by their own choice
    in african disco and number of white girls be 3 times higher then mix disco
    or any other disco in town this is a natural love of white girls that have
    to our black guys. surely i can tell that in all western world from each 5
    girls 2 of them are fall into our blacks. my third question is why white
    people are very shameless people mean white girls can bring an african guys
    in her parents house and they will have sex whole the night and her father
    or brother just looking. as my friend from kenya each week he picks up a
    new white girl then he will go to her parents house and they will have sex
    there and they girls fathers asking guys do you need for kondom. WTF
    actually fact is this that the culture white people are same like jungle
    culture not like human. in jungle also each animal have sex openly in front
    of each family member western civilization is also same.

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