Will Governments BAN Bitcoin? – What You Need To Know!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski talks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the recent price drop of Bitcoin as well as government regulators attempting to stamp out Bitcoin throughout the world.

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  • Greg Noble

    i personally am very angry. i’m not even invested in steemit or btc but to hint toward laundrying money thru REAL companies, like the 1 of the only btc accessable coms like steemit. Luke, please stop promoting this guy, and thanks for not promoting central gov. i am a long time follower and put simply, i don’t trust or like this guy “amw”. thank you for WEARECHANGE! and stay loyal to UR supporters… i do wish you had a better supporter for BTC.. God bless you guys!

  • luffebassen

    Bitcoin never crashes. It corrects. This is crypto. It has its own life and it will not get banned. Let them try. Better chance of banning air or rain.

  • luffebassen

    Bonus info…bitcoin can also be send over satelite. So even if the internet goes down, bitcoin will survive.
    In your face EMP trolls!!

  • Mike C

    What is wrong with we are change?
    If you want to shorten it up you can call it.
    WACed a shortening of whacked.

    I called this when everyone said the governments could not touch bitcoin.
    I said they can buy it up and create a run to sell when they sell off.
    They will likely do this over and over until they undermine it.
    It’s never going to get rid of fiats.

  • Wayne Cant

    Hey guys… a question that, after about five years, I’ve still to get a decent answer to! When I first looked at bitcoin the blockchain sdize was minimal… around 10MB. Its now around 152.5GB. What happens when the blockchain becomes too big to remain decentralised?

  • MainAccount

    Nobody, no individual and no central power or government can control, manipulate, ban, hack or kill a worldwide distributed open-source peer-to-peer cryptographically secured decentralised system. Bitcoins will continue to increase in value, more than gold and silver, there will only be 21 million bitcoins ever, they are cryptographically and mathematically secured, it is decentralized, so can’t be banned, co-opted or confiscated/stolen by any central group or government, you hold your own private keys. The future economy is digital and decentralized.
    Even China Can’t Kill Bitcoin


    Andreas Antonopoulos: “No Governments can ban Bitcoin”

    China’s ‘Bitcoin Ban’ No Match For Stateless Cryptocurrency Market

  • Robert Gile

    I bet the end game is your paycheck will soon come in FedCoin. So what we are doing is getting invested enough in the open source version now to possibly not need the FedCoin in the future…

  • Critical Mindset

    How the hell could you possibly know what people know, or don’t know, about any crypto asset? There is myriad information out there about dozens of great crypto projects. I believe you are underestimating the average crypto investor. This is an ecosystem. There will not just be one crypto. It CERTAINLY won’t be just slow, overpriced Bitcoin Core. This is a new economy, with tokenized assets. Get the corrupt, crony-capitalist paradigm out of your head. There can be more than just one dominant asset. Gov’t can NOT “ban” Bitcoin, or any crypto asset. It is global, and will always find somewhere to safe haven legally.

  • Ken Jacobsen

    Keep it going dudes …really appreciate the effort and new show.
    BTW: this minnow just buys in deeper in the dips…HODL on amigos

  • BigWoodzCBCL

    So much miss information about Bitconnect. It was not a ponzi. It was a community coin on its own blockchain. The coin can still gain value tremendously and every person that Held can get all their money back. All depends all how you look at it. Control Finance was a Scam. and many more but nobody speaks about those. The problem was bitconnect helped to many people for to long and people wanna switch up now! The bank takes your money everyday, makes millions off it and dont give you shit! But bitconnect scammed everyone….Yea….ok…

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