Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements

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  • Kaiser Louis-Philip V

    After watching the video more, yes, I see these guys are religious, but
    they don’t seem to be Catholic. I’m just going to throw out there that the
    Church condemns racism in several Magisterial Documents. Even if it comes
    out later in the video that they -are- somehow Catholic (which if they are,
    they’re heretics, as the sort of nonsense they’re espousing is flat-out
    heresy as if it wasn’t already nonsense). I mostly wanted to get your
    attention before you stopped watching the comments on this.

  • illyounotme

    Note how many people were banned due to their defense of Racism and/or
    fascism showed back up with sock puppet accounts. So that 600 dislikes is
    more likely only 300-400 actual people. Or even less if they are using more
    than just 2 sock puppet accounts. Don’t let the 600 dislikes make you think
    that is really representative of how many people are that ignorant.

  • TheLostBeliever

    regardless of genetic make-up imo anyone that has to clarify themselves as
    “white” or “black” or “indian” or whatever is at some level a racist. i
    dont mean to seem rude but people that say “im (pick a “race”)” do so to
    imply their superiority over the rest when the hard truth is there is NO
    “human” on Earth that is not made, born, live, get sick, heal, suffer,
    experience, and die a different way, we are ONE RACE known in the books as
    the HUMAN RACE, as for immigration thats another issue :/

  • StormCloudsGathering

    If you really think that people all over the world would be ok living under
    the same system that really indicates that you haven’t lived in very many
    other countries. Try to run Iran like Texas and see how well that works

  • TheLostBeliever

    this is because not all jews are zionists, how hard is this to understand?
    its just like not all black people are murderers or not all white people
    are pedophiles or not all natives are criminals and the list goes on,
    perhaps you should look into yourself and find out what you really believe
    in its hard but i feel everyone needs to do this and discover who they
    really are and to be that person

  • jteight888

    SCG thnx dude. I never have until today. But from the looks of things is
    really interesting. He has a channel on youtube called jonathankleck he
    supposedly decieved all the false flag events on American currency starting
    from Oklahoma bombing…its interesting none the less check his channel out
    when you gotta chance….Thnx for the reply

  • StormCloudsGathering

    Read the comments here on this page. If that’s not evidence enough for you
    then go hang out on a few conspiracy theorist channels and read the
    comments. It doesn’t take much at all to verify what I’m talking about

  • mg556linked

    Fair enough. I agree with you 100%. However, I think you might avoid
    getting half of these negative votes if zionism was also specifically
    rejected in this video. I think some people are turned off, assuming that
    Aaron’s giving zionists a pass in a video about racism. Most “truthers”
    harbor no hate toward jewish individuals, but are very disturbed by the
    special treatment zionists/racists get in the mainstream media and in DC. 

  • StormCloudsGathering

    If you read the actual comments you will find that people do indeed openly
    express a great deal of hate towards Jews specifically. 

  • richardferreday

    While I was watching the video I was sceptical about your analysis, but
    after scrolling down and reading the top comments and other comments…
    holy shit it proves you right. Which is terrifying. 

  • P Stauch

    Hahahahahah! Thats funny! Did you completely forget that the first American
    settlers slaughtered the community living there first? So we white people
    can just march in and call america our land! But heyyyyy… If black
    people, asians or latin americans come in THEYRE INVADING?

  • The Wanderer

    And I would also like to know what your opinion is on what is going on
    inside Palestine right now? what about that genocide? The Zionist. 

  • Juan the Afroman

    What the hell is up with these comments?! This guy’s right, and that’s
    fucking horrifying… Fuck your “white pride.” I thought you people were
    smarter than this.

  • StormCloudsGathering

    Of course other races can be racist. I’ve experienced it personally from
    hispanics and blacks when I was a kid (some of the schools I went to were
    in what most would call the ghetto). This video addresses the racist in OUR
    AUDIENCE and we don’t have a problem with rampant black supremacists
    comments here on this channel, La Raza isn’t harassing white people here
    but we do on the other hand have a massive number of what can only be
    called neo-nazis spreading their propaganda in the comments.

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