Kyle Bristow – Legally Fighting Back Against Political Witch Hunts

Kyle Bristow is a Lawyer and the Executive Director of the Foundation For The Marketplace Of Ideas. Kyle earned his juris doctorate from the University of Toledo College of Law, his bachelor of arts degree in international relations from James Madison College of Michigan State University, and his associate degree and certificate in general studies from Macomb Community College. He has provided legal support to many Alt-Right activists.

Our program begins with a discussion of how Kyle’s personal experiences, his formal academic training in law, and a deep appreciation for how public universities work, have allowed him to successfully defend the constitutional rights of Alt-Right activists as an attorney. Henrik goes on to inquire about how Kyle came to the Alt-Right. Along with his academic and personal experiences, Kyle refers to the works of James Burnham; and a volume of essays edited by the late Sam Francis that had a profound effect on him. Henrik and Kyle go on to discuss many other topics including the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and its consequences; the extreme violence of Antifa and conservatism’s failure to address it; the origins and near-ubiquity of communist thought in the United States; the malign nexus of communism and capitalism; the Ashford House Antifa assault incident; Kyle’s own legal institute: Foundation For The Marketplace Of Ideas (FMI); and the ability of cryptocurrencies to bypass hostile banking institutions and finance White advocacy.

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  • Caviar

    If he’s with our cause I support him 100%, but wtf is up that fuckin forehead 😂 man looks like he’s got psychic powers

  • LaserGuidedLoogie

    We need more legal fights against the left.

    Perhaps the best thing that Bristow could do is to set affiliates in every state that right wing people could avail themselves of. He can’t do it all by himself.

  • Joe Blow

    How did this happen in America you ask? Because the masses tolerate it. If all the people in the surrounding neighborhood came over and said we won’t have it and shot these people you wouldn’t have this problem.

  • pinochet pilot #666

    where did you guys get the name *red ice*? I get the “ice* bit as you’re Scandinavian, but *red*?
    is there a reason? or it just sounded cool?

  • pinochet pilot #666

    where did you guys get the name *red ice* ?
    I get the “ice” bit as you’re Scandinavian, but *red* ?
    is there a reason? or it just sounded cool?

  • Jonny Sandtrap

    *LOL, you sure this Beta Fem is firmly for the cause and not a turncoat, plant, infiltrator?*

    *Did you double check/investigate his backround amd claims?*

    *Seems to be patting himself on back a bit much . Almost scripted in a way and very suspect IMHO*

    *Did I hear him mention he worked WITH the ACLU? Im not sure they are a rightist org*

    *Wouldnt trust the girly man as far as I could throw him*

    *Notice no true original thoughts, just parroting…”and what not”*


  • DCF

    Please, pay close attention from the 6 minute mark onward THIS ladies and gentlemen is what actually working towards a better future sounds like.

  • Unapologetic Pagan

    I wonder if he knows about the town selectman here in Maine who was just fired for publicly stating he was an advocate for white civil rights

  • Kim Hayes

    Well done and thank you for bringing this organization to the forefront.  An incredibly valuable resource to tap into as well as knowing Kyle is providing an anchoring point for law & order and civility.  I would wager a bet that 99.9% of the antifa group/hard core lefties don’t even own a dictionary and this contributes to the reason why they don’t understand that they in fact are the ‘fascists.’  If they do own a dictionary, their Mommy never showed them how to use it or they forgot to download a dictionary app on their phone.

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