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  • MagicVTEC112

    Freedom isn’t earned. Its taken. Protest may happen. Bullets might fly.
    People might die. You might survive. You might be able to live and tell
    your children and your children’s children how the world fought and fought
    till humanity finally gave up, and started started accept the differences,
    and put them aside and lend out a hand. Freedom, will always prevail.

  • RealArcalian

    But peopel always WILL obey, and always WILL comply. And sociopaths will
    always be those that rise to power. Saying “Hey, this is bad” won’t
    change that. You’re right in what you say, but you need to realize it will
    NEVER EVER happen.

  • Lee Morgan

    Remember remember the 5th of November gun powder plot .
    We could do with a modern day Guy Fawkes hehe .

  • MultiWarbird

    Direct message to StormCloudsGathering: I do watch your videos, and can’t
    help but feel a little skeptical of YOU. Below are my follow up questions.
    If you’d answer these via comments or some other medium, you’d completely
    gain my trust, as well as the trust of many others.

    First off, in your videos, you expressed multiple times that you’re against
    corporatism. You don’t support Google, especially after their contribution
    to developing “killer robots.” How would you explain the fact that your
    website has Google AdSense ads embedded on it? I know you need revenue, but
    why are you supporting a company so closely linked with the government? You
    could go for a foreign advertising agency such as Chitika. You’d be making
    money to support you and your family, and at the same time, not support a
    company tied with the US government.

    Second, quite frankly, why is your content on the internet? Its excellent,
    but I can’t help noticing the fact that you claim the NSA to be super
    oppressive, and the government to control ISP providers. How come they
    haven’t blocked your content? In many videos, you release some very
    interesting and controversial information regarding the US government. You
    also have a huge “fan” base, and video watchers. How come ISP’s haven’t
    blocked your videos and website?

    I do know that these are very basic questions. But they are pretty
    important to me as an individual who questions everything he see’s. I’d
    appreciate an answer. I own and operate a very popular politics based blog,
    and if you answer these questions with valid answers, I can start directing
    traffic from my blog to your videos.

    If you’re not StormCloudsGathering, please consider copying and pasting
    this to his other websites, to grab his attention. He has more comments
    than he can handle, so grabbing his attention would help.

    Thank you.

  • Li Qin

    Things are too far gone and power is much too concentrated to be able to
    overthrow it. Relevant opposition may no longer be possible because it
    requires a much too concerted reaction from a very large number of people.
    Due to the power of indoctrination and disinformation such action might
    have been rendered impossible. Only the shock of mass murder and atrocious
    suffering that’s in store for us in the near future could wake-up and unite
    people for good instead of evil.

  • Li Qin

    Relevant resistance could start when enough americans will unite and demand
    that all US military bases throughout the world must be dismantled, all
    military personnel brought back. Then downsize the army for just the needs
    of defending national borders. After that, demand laws that ban the
    building of large armament research and manufacturing companies. Arms must
    be produced only in small, family-owned shops and should be freely owned by
    any citizen. This will greatly reduce crime and the possibility of tyrants
    committing genocide in the name of the american people, like they do now.

  • Kenneth Howard

    I live in a very catholic family. I’ve struggled with believing all my
    life, because I developed mental health issues that everyone else ignores
    due to abuse sustained by my alcoholic father. I wasn’t a bad kid, I acted
    out. But I was treated like a bad kid. And even though I spent years in
    therapy, I still suffer from suicide. Fuck I get to go back to therapy
    because I loss everything in a house fire I didn’t start, my landlord ran
    off with the security deposit and rent for a month I didn’t stay there for,
    and kept me homeless. I loss my job because I was suicidal, I have been
    unemployed for months because I’m “mental unstable”, but I don’t qualify
    for free money from the state, or health care. If there was a god, why oh
    why is it this shit happens to thousands of other people? I’m so sick of
    religion telling you that if you just pray, you’ll be taken care of. Of
    that this country cares about those with mental health issues they didn’t
    ask for, when I’ve been on a waiting list for Both a shrink and a primary
    care doctor for the last 3 months and still not seeing anyone for at least
    another month. Fuck god, if he is real, he has failed me, just like this
    country has failed me.

  • Robert Sandberg

    He is right about… well the whole thing… but in particular, in 300
    years, that ruler and pawn are reduced to dust and bones. What he leaves
    out is when that time comes, the ONLY thing that matters is our
    relationship with Jesus Christ; is He your savior or not? We should do
    EVERYTHING we can to secure a better life for ourselves, but we should give
    first priority to our souls. Look up “John Harper Titanic Hero” and learn
    some lessons from it.

  • Lorrell Hanson

    Given your incredibly keen grasp of the global situation, I believe you’re
    going to ultimately influence a lot of people.

    I really, really, really, really hope that you’re not on Putin’s payroll.

  • Morgan Falconer

    This is absurd, the governments of this world’s nations are there to help
    us, each and every citizen of theirs, it is beyond me why culture,
    especially youth culture seems to genuinely believe that the world is not
    as it seems and that authority is is oppression. I and many others like
    myself are happy to live with free will and are happy to live under the
    governing of those we elected to do so.

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