The Blunt Truth About The Government Shutdown

Time to put the “government shutdown” circus in perspective.
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Feds spend 5 billion on eve of shutdown:

Feds ordered to make the sequester as painful as promised.

Feds try to close down the ocean:

Abuse of NSA domestic spying:

Rand Paul Supports the use of drones to kill Americans on U.S. soil:

NDAA of 2013 passes unanimously:

Thanks to Justin Breen for help with the animations at the end.


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  • Ali Adeeb

    Rand Paul didn’t flip flop. Everyone is the free world already agrees that
    if a man points a gun at you and you have a chance to kill him he doesn’t
    get a trial.

  • Project Mayhem

    do you know how hard it was arguing with people that the goverment wasnt
    really shut down at this point

  • Adrain Pierce

    This channel needs to be watched by every American and be extremely
    popular, but not get corrupted in the fame, great information 

  • kdfsjljklgjfg

    I stop listening when people bring up the 2013 NDAA. It doesn’t say
    anywhere that people can be detained without trial. In fact, the only times
    it ever even mentions detention or being detained at all within US borders
    is if you sneak onto a military vessel with intent of committing terrorism.
    Long story short, it means absolutely nothing to you unless you like
    hanging out on US Navy warships, and that’s based on Public Law 107-40,
    which was passed all the way back in 2001. Nothing to do with Obama.

    A vast majority of you idiots who follow these conspiracy ideas only do so
    because someone else made a scary sounding argument and you didn’t bother
    to fact-check them. Read the 2013 NDAA. Ctrl+F and search for “detain” or
    “detention” and find me where it says that you, an average American
    citizen, can be imprisoned without trial.

    “Why didn’t Congress defund the NDAA?”

    Because the NDAA is a budgetary bill that funds the military. Not passing
    the NDAA means that we don’t have an army.

  • largelysubatomic

    Wow, using the Russian propaganda network as your source material… This
    entire channel is just another Russian operation aimed at misleading the
    American people into dismantling their own empire from within because the
    USSR failed so spectacularly to destroy it from without.

  • CaptainEdgeplays

    In my own opinion formed by my own research, I’m beginning to feel like our
    government is turning into an Autocracy, Where the rich and powerful rule
    the country. Recently a bill was passed allowing votes cast by those with
    higher income will carry more weight in political elections. The executives
    have declared the right to kill whomever they please without question and
    the Republicans have the government held at gunpoint.

    This is not the America I grew up knowing, this is that bully we’ve feared
    since the cold war.

  • dima groz

    I don’t know about the government but I am safe free and not getting
    dragged out of my house at night. People are living peacufly in the U.S.
    and that’s what a government is ment to do, and I am happy with this.

  • SuperJacobe

    The truth is that the world will worship the Antichrist,because people
    loved to believe a lie instead of the truth.then the Antichrist will behead
    and persecute and kill christians,and those that do not follow the
    Antichrist,then the world that chose to reject Jesus after he paid the
    price for sin,will see the truth about the man there are following,but bye
    that time it will be to late,then the Wrath of God will be poured out on
    the earth

  • SuperJacobe

    The greatest giver this world has ever known was Jesus Christ. Leaving
    behind the riches and glory of His heavenly kingdom, He came to Earth and
    willingly gave His life so that we could keep ours. …

  • SuperJacobe

    People you just need to turn to Jesus and say Ian sorry for what I have
    done,I believe you die for me and I believe you are the son of God please
    forgive me I accept you now as my Lord and saviour.anybody and I mean
    anybody who says this in truth God will forgive you know matter what you’ve
    have done i,God will change your life,and when you die eternal life 

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